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Jasmine at Winters Chapel Apartment Community

4335 Winters Chapel Road

Atlanta, GA 30360



Resident · 2018 - 2019
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Where do I begin, I've been living here a year this month and the only renewed my lease because I really wasn't ready and I'm very close to my job. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, unless you were like me when I moved in... DESPERATE! I moved in site unseen. At first, I didn't mind, like I said I was in a rush and desperate and had no time because of the amount of time I was working. 1) Their staff is unknowledgeable and does not speak English. If you speak Spanish, this is great. But, the people working will not be able to give you the same answers. I go to one person for all my concerns, he's the only English speaker, but it always "too busy" to really look me in the face and help. So, that's unfortunate. The other front desk people don't speak English well. And, they have given me incorrect answers in regards to different procedures. They just say yes or give me half broken sentences. 2) I'm not sure if they have actual contractors OR they just have their maintenance team in charge of the renovations because cabinet drawers are constantly broken, the under boards seem to have been kicked in and never replaced. They have painted bathroom and kitchen counters without wiping them down first. So, when I moved in there were old q-tips that were painted over, and in other spaces there is just painted over dust. GROSS! 3) BUGS! ARE A HUG ISSUE! I have a month old maintenance order for pest control that sits there. I have no idea what the procedure is with pest control but its an option within the work order. 4) The maintenance/work orders have a worse and worse turnaround time. Months! beware. 5) Garbage area is always gross and smells. I saw a dead rat lying around the garbage disposal. 6)The community is very ------! Theres a woman in a building across the lot that sits on her patio any time of the day or night! in any weather. LOUD! on the phone. Also, my neighbors have started to park their pickup truck on their patios (this is behind the building on the grass). Their kids play on my patio until I put up a barricade, the BBQ right at the apartment, smoke yes. 7) So many kids, I don't have any so others may like this, it takes over the complex. People do not watch their children and they roam under 5 y/o in parking lots etc. it's expected that you as a resident take responsibility, apparently. It's unsafe for everyone. There are designated areas for children. "Barbie Cars" in the parking lots are not. Also, if you are going to work you will run into a jam with the 50+ children and parents that find it necessary to park at the entrances instead of walking their children to the bus. So, it's crowded and adds to traffic. Beware. The gym is fine. The pools are gross, and they closed them early and opened them late. The washer/dryer room only have 2 of each. maybe 3. I forgot because I'm not renting. But if two family come, beware! 8) The common areas are very dark and dirty. No one cleans them at all. There are many children that also sit on stairs and leave trash. You'll find that the only way its cleaned if there's a nice gust of wind. Also, the bulbs go out and there is no sense of urgency to replace them. The prices have went up in this apartment complex and I wouldn't pay the new price. It's not worth it. 100%
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Jasmine at Winters Chapel Apartment Community Manager


Hello, we appreciate you sharing your concerns with us. We want to start by thanking you for being a loyal resident. As a long-term member of our community, we are taking your observations very seriously, as your comfort is our number one priority. We strive to provide an exceptional living experience for our residents and are disappointed if we missed the mark with you. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. As we discuss your feedback internally, please contact us at [email protected]

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Jasmine at Winters Chapel Apartment Community

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