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Jasmine at Winters Chapel Apartment Community

4335 Winters Chapel Road

Atlanta, GA 30360



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Yep. The adage is true. You get what you pay for. Where do I begin since Day 1. 1.) I was told my move in date and lease signing was on a Thursday. The apartment would be ready, cleaned, and 100% available to move into. So I pack up all my stuff from my home 30 miles away and what happens when I get there? "Oh your apartment isn't available. The agent didn't have authority to tell you the apartment would be ready. We don't have you on the books." Luckily, through some strong arming I got them to find an open one and move me in that day. That should have been red flag #1. 2.) Had to call pest control EVERY WEEK. The shelves are infested with termites and roaches. There became a point where I wouldn't cook at home because no matter how clean I had the apartment, as soon as I turned on the lights, you'd see roaches scatter. To this day palmetto bugs will be crawling across the ceiling at 3 am and I've even woken up with them on me. Every time you walk up to the door, roaches will scatter. Thank God I got a better job and I can move to a better apartment complex because I'm going to have to throw out dishes, clothes, and other stuff just so I don't infest this new apartment. 3.) Everything is broken. My shower has been broken since I moved in a year ago. They've "fixed" it about 4 times, but it still leaking water. My outlets never work. I have to blow dry my hair in the living room because none of the outlets in the bathroom work even though they've "fixed it." Screen door is broken and I put in a maintenance request 3 months ago. I'm a young woman living alone and all the time when the maintenance people did come they'd make gross comments about how "I'll fix the shower head just right for you" or "A pretty lady like you shouldn't live alone" 4.) Finally, the kicker. I could forgive all of this because, in reality I knew what I was getting for the price. But what I DID NOT sign up for was taking a half a day off of work to go down to the leasing office to raise hell because I got an eviction notice of not paying rent and utilities for a month, even though I had $2k credited to my account. Want to know what happened? Last month when I turned in my Rent for my last 2 months, last 2 months Utilities, and Water, THE LEASING OFFICE CREDITED MY RENT MONEY TO ANOTHER TENET'S ACCOUNT. That's right. Someone messed up so bad that another apartment in the complex got their rent paid with MY check. I had to go in with the receipts from the bank saying the checks were deposited to get them from evicting me. They said I owed over $1,000 and that I had not paid my May and June's rent, when in actuality I paid May, June, and prorated July's. What gets me though is that they said they have tried to contact me multiple times, but the letter on my door a week before eviction was the first I ever saw of this issue. I swear if this goes on my rental history, there is going to be a lot more hell to pay. I'm filing a complaint to every consumer board that will take me. This is a community full of first generation immigrants and low income people. Gentrification is slowing coming up through here and I just feel so bad for those who are stuck here. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford a nicer place now, but 11 months ago, I couldn't. What really makes me angry is that if I contested this, but the same situation could be happening to a bunch of other people. These poor people who don't even speak English would have paid double rent and the Jasmine would have gotten away with it. This is an apartment complex that clearly takes advantage of types of people who live here and they know they can get away with substandard squalor type apartments BECAUSE THEY CAN.
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Jasmine at Winters Chapel Apartment Community

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