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Magnolia Vinings



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
I've lived in many apartments, and I've definitely seen worse. The benefits are: <br>1) gym facility (it's not THAT great, but it's something)<br>2) internet cafe (that I've never used)<br>3) located near highway (easy to travel to different parts of ATL)<br>4) Publix (supermarket) nearby<br><br>Some things to consider before you move in:<br>1) A lot of people have satellite cable, and now I understand why. Charter Cable is not good. Some channels are fuzzy, the "high-speed" internet goes down occasionally. But there's no other option, other than satellite dish.<br><br>2) Gate seems to be always broken. Personally, I don't care if a gate has a "security" gate. If a criminal really wants to come in, they'll find a way. But please don't be misled & believe that this security gate keeps people out. Many people easily follow others through the gate.<br><br>3) Highway noise. I-285 is literally up against my window. You get used to it, but if you're concerned about hearing semi-trucks late at night, then think again. Also, there's a train track nearby & you can hear a horn occasionally. As for noisy neighbors, you can occasionally hear your upstairs neighbors "throw furniture" (as with any apartment building), but I've NEVER heard any neighbors that share a wall.<br><br>4) Parking. I visited the property in the daytime & thought that there would be ample parking. Think again. Sometimes you have to walk quite a distance to your building. It's kind of scary (for a single female) to walk alone at night.
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Magnolia Vinings

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