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Meadow Springs Apartment Homes

6114 Riverdale Road

Atlanta, GA 30349



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
I feel that Meadow Springs is worth the money. Do I think it's perfect? Of course not. But what place IS perfect? It is located only about 2 miles from 285, which was VERY important for me. Who wants to spend 20 minutes driving on secondary streets before they ever make it to the interstate, and then have to fight traffic on the interstate before getting to work? It is true that the area outside of these apartments is not very "lavish". But it fills its purpose because to me, it's close enough to all of the things I NEED...i.e., Walmart is right down the street, so is Publix and Kroger. And if you wanna venture out further down 85, you can go the Fayetteville Pavilion, which is pretty nice. I say that I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I've had minimal problems with noise. I used to be able to hear the girl next to me singing Mariah Carey songs for a good portion of the day, and I can't STAND noise. (Lucky for me, she had a decent voice and Mariah Carey is my favorite singer! lol) I have had only a handful of dealings with the staff. In one incident, they almost took a warrant out on me for a late payment, when in reality the payment was submitted on time and I had called to let them know so. I did have a short "debate" with management over the phone about this, but they ended up taking care of it and corrected the issue. I have had to call a couple of other times to have minor issues taken care of, and each time they were fixed the same day. I live in one of the back units, near the creek, and I rarely see any suspicious activity. It is generally a pretty quiet, peaceful area. For $620 a month, I have a place that is roomy, pretty much brand new, and a nice view of that little creek/wooded area in the back. You can even pay your rent online with them now. I am on the very top floor, by the way. Now, no place is perfect. And I will say this...to anyone who is looking to live here, do what I saw a couple doing a few months ago. Drive around and scope out the area FIRST. Ask tenants in the buildings what they think about living there. Drive through the place a couple of times to make observations on the things you see, and if it "feels" right to you. I will admit that I have seen some kids playing outside, but nothing unusual. Kids will be kids for goodness sake. Now if the day comes where it is too noisy for me to sleep, and people are hanging outside of their apartments looking suspicious, and cars are allowed to pop their trunks and play loud music in the parking lots, and they go up $100 on the rent, then I will be outta there!! But until then I plan to stay in my cozy unit. :)
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Meadow Springs Apartment Homes

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