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Paces Ridge at Vinings



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
I've lived here for 1 1/2 years. In the beginning it was perfect. I told management about my concerns and they were fixed or patched up quickly. However, things have been going downhill quickly. Little things have started to turned into big things, and maintenance no longer has the ability to patch things up. Be aware of what your getting if you are considering this as a place you want to live. <br><br>The straw for me is when they found a huge bees nest in the walls of my bedroom. I was kept up night after night by a chewing sound, however when maintenance came to check it out they said they didn't hear anything. I constantly asked them to come, and they finally found a beehive that had burrowed into the walls of my apartment. They had to cut a hugh hole in the wall to get them out. And for several nights I was left with bees flying around in my apartment. Let me also mention the several other unidentifiable bugs you will find here. <br><br>There are also several other things to be concerned about. Their are leaking ceilings in the bathrooms, which have lead to mold and serious allergy problems. There are electrical sockets that are either loose or dont work. There are last minute inspections that maintenance does, without any reason as to why. There have been several apartment fires. Do you see where I'm going here? <br><br>Wait theres more. There have been pipe breaks that leave you without water for several days. Now there is little water pressure, so you can't wash clothes and take a shower at the same time. Maintenance has claimed to fix the issue, but as yet it's unresolved. The staff was nice in the beginning, but lately because of my complaints, they have told me to go live somewhere else. <br><br>Finally, the lighting around buildings is unusual. Some places are lighted very well, like the woods behind the building. The concrete steps are a different story. My mom tripped and fell on a concrete step up that you could not see. Also, a clue. This is not the only place either. If you like dark huge bushes to walk through on your way home, you have it here. Then there's the fact that I couldn't lock my front door because the wood around the door frame has rotted away. Maintenance's patch on the issue was to replace the deadbolt with a bigger latch, still on the rotted wood. Guess what happens if you push hard enough? The Door opens. <br><br>I just want to make you aware of what your getting if you move here. Most people's experience here starts off good with little problems, however the little things start turning into big problems eventually. Save yourself the headaches and sleepless nights. Move across the street to Paces Station. If you do choose to live here, make sure you get renters insurance and save all your workorders. You may need them some day.
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Paces Ridge at Vinings

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