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Peachtree Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
Very bad experience! I lived in two separate apartments at this complex, and I regret staying at both.<br><br>When I first moved in I was shown and told I was going to live in one apartment, a week before I was to move in I was told that apartment was given to someone else (turned out to be an employee) and I was given another. The replacement was in horrible condition, apartment was filthy, urine all over the toilet seats AND THIS WAS A NEW APARTMENT! At that time the only way my maintenance requests got filled quickly was because my next door neighbor was one of the maintenance men.<br><br>The flooding was pretty major and catastrophic to many residents, I helped several move their belongings out. As far as staff being on hand during this, although I did see them the next day and overheard them laughing about how they will get to remodel now with the insurance money.<br><br>To get any maintenance requests completed (they fired the neighbor maintenance man) I had to first speak to corporate. It turns out on several of my requests they were put in the books as completed, which they were far from, and there were several. <br><br>The renovation was the worst part of my living experience, every day 7:00am hammering on the walls for hours, I work nights several times a week and this was totally disruptive of me getting any sleep. During the renevation process, I had roofers bust out my skylight bringing all sort of dirt and debris in my apartment (no, no one came to clean it up), they stomped so much the flourescent light in the kitchen fell out of the ceiling and nearly landed on one of my cats, the siding people put nails through the window sills which protruded into my apartment, the window replacement people felt it suitable to walk all over my bed and setting down materials on it, several times construction workers have come into my house while I was either sleeping or in the shower. <br><br>In short, management could care less about your comfort or the sanctity of your home. The entire construction process was extremely invasive. The drug activity in the area has gotten out of hand (I have been solicited for drugs several times while smoking a cigarette on my front porch), prostitution is also very apparent. Although the flood was a rare occurance, the handling of it was unacceptable. I wouldn't recommend this apartment complex to anyone.
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Peachtree Park Apartments

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