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Peachtree Place North Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
I currently live at this apartment complex. There has been numerous of things that has to be fix before, i moved in and up til now. The apartment was not fit to move, but I did anyway. When, I arrived there were too many things that was not done by maintenance. Lets not talk about the maintenance staff who are very lazy and never get around to doing nor completing a task. This has to be the worst place to live. Whenever you go to the office to complain about the same thing that you put in for over 6 months ago. All you get is okay, we will get that take care of. This is a nice complex to live in. But, it won't be the tenant who make it a bad place to live. It would definitely be the staff. You need to clean it up and fast for this property go down to the ground which it is headed. That manager is no good he just work for a paycheck he definte don't do anything just as lazy as the maintenance. I just want to know who responsible for checking behind the complaints,the tenant put in. Who follow up behind maintenance? The corporate office is on the property which tell me that no one is doing anything. All you get is a lot of ok. The first time the tenants do not pay there rent on time, you ready to send them to court. Tenant do have rights! Who is the Educator Foooooooooooooooooooooool Property Manager in the office. Someone need to calm him the hell down.The whole maintenance crew need to be replace immediately... You have tenants who can do a much better job. The parking is off the chain, those big vehicle parked in the front of the property is hideous. You can not see when you are backing out. Please Clean Up!!!!!!
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Peachtree Place North Apartments

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