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Peachtree Place North Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
first i wanna say dont even gt close to thinking about living here!!!!! i wanted a one bedroom the told me that none were ready to show and that i would have to view a two bdroom instead. once i got my keys my apartment was nothing likt i was supposed have...the carpet was clumpy kitchen was not finished being furnished AT ALL!!! i marched back up to the rent office and told them im nt paying for this!!! i remind you that they stated that was the last 1bdroom...but when i went back oh!! all of a sudden they found another but they said somekids were playin and broke the window in the room and that he was sending maintenance to fix it right then!!! the window look like someone had broken into the apt because where i stayed was at the bottom where there were alot of woods so theres no possible way that someone would let their kids play back there!! it took a whole week for them to fix the window after they DUCK TAPED IT!!! bugs...bugs bugs.....BUGGGGGSSSSSS!!!! i slept on the floor the first night woke up with red bumps all over my legs...i think they never put down new carpet and someone lived there before me with an animal which is very disgusting!!! there were SPIDERS...EVERYWHERE U TURN...CENTAPEDES...AND ROACHES!!! UUUCKKKK....i had to go bathe at my gparents because i had no hot water for almost a week!!! maintenance stuck their key in and opened the door while me and my bf was in the living room...luckily i had the latch locked!!! he didnt knock...and stood there looking in the door for about 30 secs after he saw us!!! thats my privacy!!!!! once i told GAY MANAGEMENT...he tried to make me out of a liar...saying he had the same people for 12 yrs and he has never heard anything like this! i mean they are all over the place...nasty liars careless and SICK!!!!!! i asked for my money back in the same week...he told me NO he cant and if i break the lease he would put a lean on my vehicle,freeze my bank accounts, and alot of other lies!!! he typed of some quick lie making it look professional but i can read a snake when i see one!!! before i even received my eviction notice he came and walked in on my bf while i was at wrk (latch was locked) told him he needed to gt out and he is calling the police on us because we cant live there anymore!!! he tried evicting me on several occasions wayyyyy before my eviction came!!! he told me i had to be out by the next day...i payed him no mind because i know the truth so i called the courthouse and asked for all my situation n told him n he had nothing to say!! i stayed here not even 2months and thats rediculous!!! all i asked for was great service and treat me with respect! he tried to take advantage and get over on me but god dont like ugly...they put it on my credit when he could have just given me my money back when thats all i asked for to begin with!!! but a lawsuit is in place..........their so used to running the -------- n they think they can do it to anyone!!!! i wasnt really complaining as long ask i got the service i asked for and i didnt...not even in a week!!! i say NO NO NOOOOOO....HELL F*CK NOOOOOOO!!!!! if i could turn back i would rip the lease and shoot them one in the sky!!!!!! people are soooo careless these days!!! that whole management team need to be gonnnneeee!!!
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Peachtree Place North Apartments

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