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5550 Glenridge Drive Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30342



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Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2005
This community, Dewberry Glen , formerly of Dewberry Capital Corporation of Atlanta , just merged with another complex, a place called Berkeley Run down the block, and thus is managed by the same people, Worthing Southeast Corporation of Atlanta. So now, they are sort of one in the same, in terms of the most important thing, management, even though they are distinctly kept as separately named entites. We were told the two comunities would be sister properties and share facilities, the office, and management.<br><br>This is the single worst place I have ever lived. On my life. Dont stop the review here, if you want to know how to fight back when you are helpless in the future. You believe what you want and have been warned. This is as true a review as you will ever get on Apt Ratings or anywhere else for that matter. <br><br>The new managers of Dewberry Glen Apartments, now called Berkeley Trace Apartments, are even more horrible than the old people, something that didnt seem possible. (and it really didnt seem fathomable) The buildings appear to be fine, so that is not the issue for me (though it is for some people on here) , but the management people AND companies involved with running this place are sinister. It isn't just "bad"; its BEYOND that.<br><br>I firmly believe these folks ARE of that EXTREME ilk. As we arent seemingly allowed to express our views freely these days in America, with all those fair "judges" , (e.g. mostly former corporate and other attorneys) and due to the politicians) , I felt the need to clarify why I am saying what Im saying, not that I should have to. <br><br>Unfortunately, I feel compelled to parse my words here, which will be the opposite once my letters start going out, as you all will see below in my advice for the little guy and little gal.<br><br>I will gladly give my name and tel# to the owner of Apt Ratings and give him a notarized stmt accepting full liability for my review below, if he desires it, in case he is intimidated by these wealthy, powerful, abusive people. I know every side of Austin literally inside out, without a map, as I've been there probably 200 times, and will be glad to hand deliver this notarized stmt to AptRatings.<br><br><br>The management people here at Berkely Trace Apts of Atlanta (or Dewberry Glen Apts of Atlanta or Berkeley Run of Atlanta ) , however they technically call this place these days, are without question, amongst the worst human beings I have ever encountered in my life. The company they work for, Worthing Southeast Corporation of Atlanta , who does fee managed properties for institutional and other investors (which this one is) and property development, is an extremely bad outfit with VERY bad people. Dont believe anything you see for a second. (all their fake, hyopcritcal, lying BS and association garbage---these guys are the worst I have ever seen) <br><br>Worthing reeks of dishonesty, incompetence, and unprofessionalism, but worst of all, is populated by corrupt people (that lie constantly and cant keep up with their lies even when you catch them in it and can prove it)--and has such nasty, abusive individuals at several levels, all the way to the top, that it cannot even be explained or remotely comprehended unless you live it. <br><br>We arent talking trivial matters either. It's as if juvenile, uneducated, crooked, abusive ----- managers, and female and male ----- executives run the place. And I can back it all up folks. We arent talking pompous here. They are in their own category.<br><br>The problem is not isolated, and just at the lower level. The big problem is much higher. Its a culture, like in many really bad companies, from the top to the bottom. Ive lived in apts for 24 years since a very young age on my own, well before 18, and have lived with lots of good people , (seen it done the right way and with good folks!) but this industry is famously filled with loads of terrible entities like this. <br><br>This site doesnt exist to send people flowers. There is a "reason" it got started, and though I could be wrong, I'll almost bet my life it wasnt only money, display ads, or Google adwords.<br><br>The industry brought it upon itself. Any Joe can figure that one out. I've been told, (on my soul) , and I quote, from a property company exectuive, (this is almost to the word-- wasnt talking with Worthing or Dewberry), but with the usual arrogance many of these types have) "Ive been at association meetings and conferences with other property companies and AptRatings.com is not highly thought of". ("not highly thought of" was verbatim) <br><br>Wow that's a surprise. Who'd have known? Im sure they are losing sleep about this in Austin and are buying self esteem books at Book People to deal with it.<br><br><br>Anyway, Worthing Southeast Corporation and Dewberry Capital Corporation arrogance and cockiness is unrivaled. The arrogance and cockiness of the new guy's ( Worthing ) is even up to the old company's standards (which literally seemed impossible with Dewberry Capital ), and that cockiness and arrogance is about to get all of them in heaps of trouble like they have never seen since the inception of their respective existences, where it matters most. <br><br>They fear no consequences regarding the personal and proferssional reputations of their 1) managers, 2) principals, and 3) attorneys, and 4) attorney partner. <br><br>Very stupid people. Very, very stupid people. <br><br>I numbered them for a reason. So there was no misunderstanding of what was about to occur.<br><br><br>If YOU, Mr. Little Guy or Miss Little Gal have the unfortunate experience to deal with sinister people like this, dont think a lawsuit is the only way to go--- to consume you, destroy your health, etc. Expose them via the written word everywhere (and I mean everywhere) to everyone surrounding them in their personal neighborhoods (current and past), and business neighborhood, personally and professionally (office buildings and streets around it) ; also do it with classmates, associations, throughout their city. Past and Present. Be creative.) That's the way to go. Let them say what they want about you. Dont be intimidated by that or them.<br><br>As for the written word in fighting back, Im not just talking aptratings.com, though that is a good minor start, even if the owners end up being intimidated by them to remove a true review. YOU tried. Your action was the good and brave one.<br><br>Though some people do read this site, most people dont, (trust me almost everyone I tell about it, which is A LOT, never heard of it), and Worthing Southeast Corporation of Atlanta Georgia , and Dewberry Capital Corporation of Atlanta Georgia (complete with all their fake crap you see on both) know this fact, and as such, they have no trouble hitting the high 90's in occupancy, DESPITE aptratings.com.<br><br>They will continue to have their tons of money. That isnt the aim here. <br><br>The bottom line HERE is not only what "I AM" about to do with these guys and gals as mentioned above, via the written word, (that was simply meant to be a helpful SUGGESTION for YOU in the future if someone abuses or destroys your family---and thats what review and opinion and complaint sites on the web are supposed to be about, to help people and not be narrow)---the bottom line here was to tell you that THOUGH this site WONT have much of an impact in the market, or with their pocketbooks or power or lifestyle, (or even with most "prospects" without any conviction of which most people have none), it MIGHT have a difference for YOU if you listen. <br><br>Do you think I really care if they are at 96% or 98%? I tried to reach a few people. I cant change this complex, or these sinister people, or these companies, or this world. You do what you can. It took me twice many of your ages to figure that out with too much pain and heartache. You hit them (via the written word) WHERE IT HURTS. If only someone told me that when I was 17. <br><br>A woman taught me this, who destroyed the names of some managers and executives in Farmers Insurance Company, formerly of Brown and Williamson Tobacco. (the Insider movie folks) She avenged their evil on her daughter and ruined them where it hurt and counted. I bet their neighbors didnt even call these gals and guys. She knew who owned the courtroom and everything else. Smart lady. And on my life, this is one of the places where the thought and idea came from.<br><br>This was to help YOU, to expose people like this in the future, and know that YOU can stand up to their tyranny, power, money, and equally sinister, soulless attorneys.<br><br>The few of you that were lucky enough to be warned, you now have this info to make an informed choice. Then the choice is yours; and that is what life is about. PLEASE LIVE HERE if you dont get the message, and if you like red brick, gated complexes that have that pretty veneer that hides the truth. On my Mom's soul, Im telling you the truth. <br><br>Be cheap, be impulsive, and rush; or be smart and look further. In a rush? Dont rush where you are going to live as its so important. There are nice, safe, clean suite hotels that charge $219-$229 a week if in a pinch and cheap storage places that give a month free if you are stuck and rushing--to give you time. Or give your money to the worst society has to offer.<br><br>Keep away from all properties managed by Worthing Southeast Corporation of Atlanta Georgia , be them in Dallas, the Southeast , or wherever--- whether they are fee managed properties for smaller investors , or larger Wall Street institutional investors like pension funds, insurance companies, or whoever.<br><br>You belong here if as rotten and repulsive as them. And I am not exaggerating. <br><br>If I'm makng ANY of this up, as to exactly what these people are, I will get what's coming to me. Right? I assume you believe that too, if you have any soul and have any faith.<br><br>Im not worried, because its all the truth, and far, far more. <br><br>And those "written word" consequences will be felt far beyond this site, as their attorney, his partner, and all the other relevant parties involved in these two sinister companies will soon find out. Im glad their "junior" attorney is a NY guy. So am I. That's very good news. He will thus perfecty understand me. We are just on the opposite side of what this world is about. Yes, that is right; good and evil. It IS that simple here.<br><br>They provoked me, and now I am NOT ashamed to say that what I referenced above as far as the written word (i.e. I follow my own advice to others) , (and what I promised them in far more detail in writing to them), will be done for the rest of my natural life. Not for a few months as I planned, but till I pass. Hey, I swore on my mother's soul to them, plus, your word is your word. What can I do.<br><br>They just met their worst nightmare, even if it is just to them, a written word nightmare. <br><br>They are about to learn this the hard way.<br><br>I gave them my word exactly what would transpire to the letter. And unlike them, my word is good, just like that good 'ol Bob Carlisle song says. ("A Man Of His Word") Listen to it for 79 cents sometime. The whole song. Im dont believe in Religion, but I can respect a good song --Christian or not; and Bo sounds great asie from the words. I think the owners of this site will like it too, though they cant take sides in anything. Here are a couple of suggestions for finding a good home. <br><br>Check out Post, (with their specials; disregard the rents on the sites; people usually dont pay that; and they PRORATE their specials unlike many, and AS IMPORTANTLY, KEEP THAT REDUCED RENT as your base to raise you only 3%-5% each yr. Not every one of their places is so expensive, especially if you move in Dec, Jan, or Feb (focus in on that); and not June-October when the rents are worst!). <br><br>Even if you have to get a 1br shaped studio (L shaped--not the usual crummy shaped all one room); and simply cordon off the "L" bedroom with an accordian divider from Lowes (you can do this temporarily as long as you remove it-- $295-$349 two special order ones are avalable---look at thir book) , or get a almost 8 ft nice standing Scandinavian divider that is 5 ft to 6 ft wide (not a short, narrow, usual crummy divider) and you are good to go. These Scandinavian Dividers can be found on the web. Invest. they are worth it and can be RESOLD when you are done for close to what you paid. <br><br>Post is not perfect, (everyone has some bad people and problems and Post is no different) but know what they are doing, are class, arent cheap, and are nothing like these sinister abusive people. Some of the Lane properties are also good. And that guy at the top doesnt play. If he ever found out something after the fact, later, (rather than being told and being able to respond), that he should have known sooner, he would have someone's head. (I have heard he is famous for this) <br><br>If you deserve it, good luck to you!<br><br><br><br>Special Note to Apt Ratings:<br><br><br>If you need to reach me to cofirm my identity, please email me and I will provide it, though I shouldnt have to. I will also give the notarized form as well. There are far worse critic sites, and review and complaint sites on the net (corporate, govt, legal, and otherwise), and they dwarf (by far) anything on this site, and have been protected under precedent and thrived. (and I mean, some of those sites are so sad, and have cursing, and horror beynd imagination) <br><br>But they have been protected. In fact, the publicity hurt the other guys and helped them.<br><br>However, I will still give the notarized stmt accepting all liability.<br><br>I will not adjust my review as it is my opinion, which is backed up by fact, and I believe in truth. And this is America.<br>
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