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Post Stratford

3400 Stratford Rd. N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30326



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Office Staff
wantaptnow • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
I saw this property online and it looked perfect. When I visited the property, I completed changed my mind in a matter of minutes.<br><br>For starters, the day I visited it was freezing cold outside and raining. The office staff kept the door locked, watching people stand in the freezing rain until it was the exact time to open the office, instead of being kind to let people stand inside. That's the beginning. When they finally decided to open up, the staff gave looks as though they've been inconvenienced and bothered. There was no warm greeting, not as much as a decent Hello, just a look like "What do you want?"<br><br>This experience leads me to believe the other people who say management is terrible. Their not even polite and kind when trying to sell. God forbid you have an issue. I would not want to live at a place under those conditions.<br><br>Aside from that, the property is not secured well. Anyone can walk onto the property through the parking deck after a resident opens the gate and drives through. That person can then easily walk up the stairs and be right at your door. I understand how so many cars are being broken into. Their parking deck is a great place to conceal crime - dark, no windows, nothing to deter.<br><br>I did like the loft apartments, and the location cant be beat depending on what youre looking for. But I would take a great manager over frilly amenities any door.<br><br>And they are not ead\sy to work withb <br><br>n.I got the sense t
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Post Stratford

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