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Radius Cheshire Bridge

2124 Cheshire Bridge Road North

Atlanta, GA 30324



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geniusnextdoor • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
I love HACB. I moved in 3 months ago and I am so glad I ended up here. I don't know what to say about all these crazy negative comments. I'm a city girl with urban roots, so I understand what living in a city (like ATL or NYC or Chi-town) means. I don't cry if management doesn't kiss my a*s when I walk in the door. Honestly, they have gone out of the way to help me when I have friends by the pool or if I have issues with my apartment. They are a little slow on some things, but I have never lived in an apartment complex that wasn't slow. And about their attitudes, ummm I haven't really noticed anything. When I moved in, I bounded with Neal, and I haven't dealt with anyone else. If he is not available, I hold my problem until he is. <br><br>Overall, I would not recommend this apartment if you are hella uptight, uncomfortable with gay folks, want to park in front of your apartment everyday, or you are a square that would be uncomfortable with living in atl's red light district. (This is very serious. Cuz I don't want uptight neighbors!)<br><br>I have the free cable (I have been too lazy to set up my internet, but I do use the comps in the leasing office), I take my clothes down to be washed and folded once a week in the laundry facility, I get my coffee and bagel at the free breakfast bar, and I play pool (though the sticks suck) with my friends after work. I am staying here until I buy a house. The amenities and price far outweigh most of the issues I have seen on this list. Crybabies should buy houses or move the burbs (no offense).<br>
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Radius Cheshire Bridge

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