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Residences at Vinings Mountain Apartment



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Office Staff
tenet30339 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
The office at Vinings Peak is almost unbelievably incompetent. The first clue was having the apartment that I moved into changed the day I moved in. In actuality the change had been made several days before but I was not informed prior to my arrival and the new address required me to re-contact all of the companies (cell phone, bank, etc.) I do business with. A major hassle.<br><br>The reports of poor maitenance here are well-founded. The main maitenance guy here is actually a great guy, but the office fouls up every request made. They "misplace" virtually every request that is made so that you must contact them multiple times, and it is usually weeks before it is acted on.<br><br>Public facilities are a joke. The tennis courts have virtually never been usable and the pool has been down for health code violations. I haven't attempted to use the laundry or workout facilities.<br><br>Beyond all of this, complex is not too bad. Rent is cheap, the area (Vinings) can't be beat and the apartments themselves are in decent shape and the other tenents are quite friendly. Too bad, because it does not compensate for this place's shortcomings. Look elsewhere.
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Residences at Vinings Mountain Apartment

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