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Rosemont Vinings Ridge

3200 Post Woods Drive

Atlanta, GA 30339



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Madison Vinings Ridge is in the midst of a massive renocvation project and is "relocating" more than 100 residents. Residents were notified by a form letter stuck on their doors. The heading reas NOTICE of NON-RENEWAL OR LEASE. Is that any way to treat people who pay their rent on time, haved lived on the property for decades, and never done anything to warrant such treatment They are not covering any of the moving expenses, will not allow any waivers and have an "if you don't like it move somewhere else" attitude.Leasing personnel are very rude to residents in this process, including people who are elderly, have medical issues or have lived here when the property was a Post complex. If you do come and look at the property, PLEASE talk to some of the residents you see before you go to the leasing office. The ones you really need to talk to are the ones emptying their belongings in the dumpster, as these are the people being forced out by Madison. To sum up Madison's concern for their residents "We would like to handle this situation in a person to person manner... but its' a business" This is a direct quote from the manager of the property during a meeting with a resident (me). Madison made alot of improvements when they bought the property from Post. However, any goodwill they earned has totally been lost due to their ugly lack of respect for their residents
Rosemont Vinings Ridge Manager07/11/2012

Madison Vinings Ridge has been in the midst of a large renovation project, which included not only numerous exterior repairs and upgrades for the enjoyment of our residents, but also extensive renovations to the interiors of our apartment homes. Exterior renovations are nearly complete and 408 of our 494 apartment homes have been renovated as well. Our current lender requires that the remaining 86 be completed by the end of 2012. We understand that moving can be a challenging event and are sympathetic to our residents that have been affected. We welcome all residents to have a discussion with our Management Team on how we can assist our remaining residents to either stay living at the property by transferring to another apartment home, which is our first priority, or assist in finding a home at one of our other fine apartment communities in the area.

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Rosemont Vinings Ridge

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