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Spalding Bridge

47 Spalding Trail

Atlanta, GA 30328



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I've been in Spalding Bridge for a little over a month and love it. The floorplans sold me, very spacious, as well as the renovations and new appliances. Much quieter than my former apartment since the walls are well insulated. Office staff has been pleasant to deal with so far and I didn't have any trouble getting maintenance to show up for the couple of small issues that needed fixing when I moved in. <br><br>There are only two real downsides that I've noticed so far. 1) Loud plumbing. When the upstairs neighbors run their shower or washer, the pipes clang. Very disconcerting the first time I heard it, but I don't notice it too much anymore. 2) Bugs. Because the complex is surrounded by woods, the creepy-crawlies do find their way inside. I now automatically watch the floor anytime I open the door, they love to run in as soon as you open the door even a crack. However, the management does have an exterminator on-site once a week, so once I requested service, they came by within a few days. Much better now (and I'm sure the colder weather helped, too). <br><br>The only other thing I noticed when moving in is that while the kitchen is large, the drawer/cabinet space is actually kind of limited. Small drawers and openings to some of the spaces made it difficult to store larger items. I seemed to have more places to put things in my old galley kitchen. <br><br>Someone else mentioned the awkward door/entryway setup and having trouble moving large items into their apartment. I can see where it could be an issue, but I didn't have any trouble. But I had professional movers handling the bringing in of items, so that probably helped. <br><br>I haven't noticed any problems with heating/cooling so far as someone else mentioned. In fact, just the opposite. Because of all the trees surrounding the complex, my apt is shaded, so without the sun beating down on my place, I was able to turn the thermostat up to a warmer temp when it was still hot out. Much better than my old apt where it never seemed to cool off. Haven't gotten an electric bill for a full month yet, but the one I got that covered about 3 weeks seemed to be lower than I used to pay. They do cap the water bill at a fixed amount so it won't go over whatever the preset amount is (based on the number of people in the apt), so it hasn't seemed too bad so far. Comparable to what I was paying before elsewhere. <br><br>Parking could be a problem, but I usually seem to beat others home at the end of the day so I've never had trouble parking. Can be tough to find a space later at night, though.
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Spalding Bridge

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