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Stone Ridge at Vinings



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
All,<br> <br>I am appalled at the level of disconcert displayed by your management staff. I am sure once you read this correspondence than I will receive the same lack of concern attitude. Or should I say "better their place than mine..." Hopefully, you will be a corporation of action and change my views. <br> <br>I have been leasing from your establishment, StoneRidge @ Vinings, since May 2005. I have paid my rent timely my entire stay at your facility. At this point, I can not wait for my lease to expire May 2007. My apartment is infested with roaches. When I moved to Georgia I came with only one small suitcase. Therefore, I did not bring the health hazard, diseased roaches with me. I have to request for my apartment to be sprayed weekly. Why should I have to call your leasing center weekly for my apartment to be on a list for pest control? You would think that someone in the office would have a light register in their mind that there is obviously a pest control problem in building 10. Not to mention, it's a waste of money to have the pest control come out weekly. Oh! you probably get this service as a monthly rate.<br> <br>I remember opening my kitchen cabinet and a large roach fell into my plate of dinner which was sitting on the counter-top. I was so outraged that if I had Renee's (Office Manager) personal phone number I would of called her at home. So, the useless pest control company comes and "pretend" to spray my place every Monday morning. WHY? Why, won't Westdale stop being cheap and use Terminx? The useless pest control company leaves a card on my stove but there isn't any evidence that anything has been done. WHY do they only do the kitchen? Why do they only spray my apartment? Any person with common sense will know that the roaches will run to my neighbors units. Then guess what? They are right back in my place. I can't open my daughter's dress of drawer without a roach crawling in her clothes. My daughter HATES living here. When my child is uncomfortable and can no longer tolerate, then I must act accordingly.<br> <br>Even though your complex is in a good location for Home Depot employees, which employees over 4k people at the corporate office, I refuse to recommend StoneRidge. At the level that I work for The Home Depot, in the CEO & Executives offices, imagine the bad talk I have expressed throughout the office. I have brown water in my restroom and shower. The shower water goes cold, hot then cold again. During the winter months the insulation around the windows, patio door and front door is ridiculous. Yes, the rent is convenient and my view is great, but frustration is not worth the hassle. Being embarrassed to have company over to enjoy my place because I'm scared a roach maybe crawling in the dark kitchen, bathroom, hallways or walls isn't worth the convenient rent.<br> <br>You need to check out the following website www.apartmentratings.com zip code 30339 to see what previous occupants have said about your community.<br> <br>I anticipate a reply from the corporate office by January 16, 2007, otherwise, I will forward this email to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's Office and research on how to put my monthly rent into an escrow. I NEED THESE ROACHES SPRAYED OUT THE ENTIRE BUILDING BY A LICENSED COMPANY WHO USES CONCENTRATED FORMULAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br> <br>Can you define customer service?<br> <br>Disgruntle Tenant,
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Stone Ridge at Vinings

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