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Stonecreek Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
This apartment complex is own by -------------- ----------------------------- in Upland, CA.They have been STEALING from the government since she was given a right to purchase and run a business in the United States.She hires qualified employees to run her business however mistreat them to where they choose to branch out and leave her eventually.--------------, lies to the residents that resides on her properties( Stonecreek Apts and Hidden Village Apts).Some lives in Mold and Mildew units some has had Raw sewage come up in the Tubs in the units.Others have had there units broken into and nothing done.Security sucks because she refuse to hire outside of ---------------------- family.None of the contractors gets paid they end up sueing -------------- for there money.For work done on these properties.--------------, has destroyed numerous of families throughout her time of being in business.Now the properties have been up for sale for sometime now.Hoever, she has broken so many families apart to its her turn to fall.-------------- is money hungry and feels since her father owns a Oil Company that money isn't an issue.So people we must stand up and fight against business owners such as --------------.Whomever, purchase these properties be sure to get -------------- to pay off all the LEINS before she sales these properties. BARBARA, I know your reading this saying I can't believe what I am reading.If you don't ask God for forgiveness soon....you are going to fall.It may not be this year but your day will come.Don't let your children suffer from your mistakes.By the way READERS------------------- -- ANSWERS ALL YOUR COMMENTS FROM THIS SITE.SHE HAS CONNECTIONS TO GET A MESSAGE EVERY TIME A MESSAGE COMES THROUGH ABOUT THESE RIDICULOUS PROPERTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T MOVE HERE THIS IS THE WORST PROPERTY IN SOUTHWEST ATLANTA!!!!!!!! RATS THEY GOT THEM...ROACHES THEY GOT THEM...BAD MAINTENANCE THEY GOT IT.... MANAGER THAT'S FAKE --------------------- IS STILL THERE...DON'T PAY WITH CASH BECAUSE THEY WILL RAILROAD YOU AND SAY YOU DIDN'T PAY.
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Stonecreek Apartments

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