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The Brooke



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I live on the most recently built side of Amli At Norhbriarcliff. At first everything was Great! I have to give it to Amli I absolutely LOVE the inside of my apartment. Did you read that? I said the INSIDE of my apartment. Tile, crown molding, hardwood floors, black appliances, island in kitchen, trey celings, garden tubs, a column in the dinning area, celing fans.... Wow! I mean the first look and you will be blown away. I know the people in the older phases have to be a little jealous!<br><br>I was so happy with the choice that I made! That is until the night that we moved in and noticed that someone had set the trash can in the publix parking lot on FIRE! It caught the attention of my husband quickly. He stated that he had seen alot of spray painting on the back walls of the shopping plaza and the trash can that was set ablaze located right in front of our building.<br><br>Well, I thought that as always my husband was over-reacting. That is until a few months later we started receiving newsletters from our complex about a stream of not only car brake-ins but aparments as well. I began to feel a little uncomfortable but I did not let it bother me too much because it looked as if the complex was taking the proper steps to control it. A saw a security officer patroling and everything!<br><br>One Saturday morning I was running late for a hair appt I am dashing out to my car only to find out that MY OWN CAR HAD BEEN BROKEN INTO!!! I was so upset I did not know what to do so I called the leasing office and 911. Needless to say the leasing office responded before 911 and no cop ever showed to take my statement!!! It was done over the phone and, while I was giving it, they informed me by my apartment number that my neighbors car had been broken into that night as well!!! The police informed me that there are a lot of car brake-ins and thefts in this complex and in the area.Funny, I guess the complex forgot to send that letter or memo out. No one from this complex has to bare the burden of replacing a 600.00 window or a 3700.00 stereo system that was stolen from my ride.<br><br>In defense of the manager and the coporate level of Amli as far as the dog issue is concern I would like to say don't beat them up! To dissolve all the confusion there are a few doggies in our bldng (8) that where, shall we say, "grandfathered in". Some of us moved in at the very beginning stage of that building being leased and eventhough they changed the policy to no-dogs some of us where allowed to stay in the building with dogs because we where there before they made the change... With that being said I would like to say that I do see a lot of dogs being walked around our building that I do not recall seeing when I first moved in..Now this is a big complex so they may not even live in this building so you should not be offended by that unless you where promised something different and they failed to deliver.<br> <br>I will say this, some people should not be allowed to have any type of animal PERIOD! I do not know whose animal, or should I say the owner of the animal that you let defile our hallways and the parking deck..(Someone let there little nasty animal pee on my welcome mat, are you kidding I don't allow my dog to do that! And the ringer is THEY DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO CLEAN IT UP) I mean come on, the least you can do if your dog has an accident in a place like that is clean it up. What you allow your animal to do in your apartment is between you and the complex when you move out. It becomes the residents in the buildings problem when we have to watch our step for poop and pee-pee in the parking deck or hallways! I do not know if this is coming from a authorized or unauthorized pet but it needs to STOP!<br><br>It doesn't just stop there we have a chronic culprit smoker on our wing that thinks it is ok to come out of there apartment home and leave the butts laying all around the ground in our breeze way! PLEASE STOP IT. It is disgusting! I mean really it is just straight filth!<br><br>The aparment complex overall looks very nice in general. I do have to say that I am sick and tired of the people who do not live in this complex using it as a schortcut to the Publix Plaza. They put rocks in the door-gate so they can get back and forth. They jump the gates and they laugh at that wire fence that the complex has up because they simply tear a piece of that down to get through!<br><br>I feel like Amli at Northbriarcliff would be one of the best places in the world to stay but its LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION... I feel that this complex is going to get a bad rep simply because of the surroundings and the type of crime that is going on in this area.. I mean if I can afford to pay well over a grand for my rent, I should at least be able to have a nice car and nice stuff in the car and not have to worry about them getting stolen FROM MY OWN HOME!!!They really need to offer private garages. This is my first and my LAST time living in this area when our lease is up we are OUT!<br><br>I would recommend this apartment complex to someone else. Maybe what I don't like about it may not bother someone else. Everyone has different things that they are willing or not willing to deal with. My car being broken into just really spolied it for me.<br>
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The Brooke

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