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The Crest at Northside



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
I wish that I would have known about this site before I moved in here. But I was unfamiliar with the Atlanta area, and all I knew is that I wanted to stay somewhere close to downtown. I will tell you to get it out of the way the two things I really love about this complex. 1) The fact that it is a loft. It isn't like a regular one bedroom apartment, I love my high ceiling and all and I will miss that. 2) Location - it is close to downtown, midtown and they highway.<br><br>Now I am sorry but the good news stops there. I can never be fully happy to go home, a place where you should be able to quietly relax after a hard days work. But I come home to find ------ people in the parking lot, walk in to my place and immediately hear my neighbors loud music. I usually try to turn up my tv as loud as I can but I can still hear my neighbor's booming bass. Management has done nothing about this. The worst thing is having ot listen to them having sex, the walls are sheet thin. I had roaches in my apartment when I first moved in and I was keep my apartment clean as possible!<br><br>Management is dumb. They are extremely disorganized, and will call on you and blame things on you when it is really their own mistakes they are making. They do not tell you everything up front, you will have more charges than just the actual rent. You will have to pay trash fees, they rip you off on the water bill, a sewer fee, and a service fee. What the ----? I have never had to pay anything like that before.<br><br>The parking lot is unsecure and break in's happen. The worst thing about it is management could care less. THey didn't even notify anyone about it until the SAME police officers were called to our apartments within a short period of time from calls about break ins. They then asked management if they had notified the residents, and they required them to put letters on everyone's doors. I know this because of the few people I know in my complex, I knew one of the guys that had his car broken into.<br><br>And it doesn't make much sense to even have a "porch" there is only enough room to put one chair out there, and it is so disgusting you wouldn't even want to go out there. It is only used for people to stand out there and smoke.<br><br>Highland ridge can kiss my ---.
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The Crest at Northside

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