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The Edgewater at Sandy Springs



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nadhiyrah • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2006
hello everyone. It has been over just four months since my initial comment. I figured that I would update the progress of my experience by basing it on categories that seem to be the most touching issues to everyone who reads and posts on this site.<br><br>BUGS<br>Since I moved in, I have only seen three roaches in my unit. I figured that they were strays that made their way in during colder weather. I have to admit that I am not the neatest person, and with three boys food gets left out on the counter overnight, crumbs in the carpet, spills, etc. Plenty of potential for roaches to infest. I have not had a roach infestation, literally only the three at one time or another. I would not consider that a roach problem. However I do have a problem with those small sugar ants that started a couple months ago. For some reason when it rains they show up in the bathroom. I am on the second floor so somehow they must be coming from the interior of the building. They only found the kitchen once when I left a bag of trash around too long. Other then that, I've seen them trail to the laundry closet and disappear into a crack in the wall. They aren't around all the time, and when they do come they usually go back to wherever they came from within a day or two, so I just spray them myself.<br> <br>NEIGHBORS<br><br>The noisy neighbors upstairs moved out last month. They were two latin girls, roommates, who I believe were prostituting for income. I deducted this because men from all types of backgrounds (------ to business like) and ethnicities were going to see them. Plus they never worked. I have a friend who often uses my apartment during the day and he says he never heard them leave, and I knew they were always there at night, except for some occasional coming and going. It will be interesting to see who moves in that unit next. I don't find anyone else to be doing more than minding their own business and there has been no incidents of disturbance due to neighbors. <br><br>MANAGMENT<br><br>I have only dealt with one representative in the office, and that's Magee. She has always been professional and prompt with me. And, she has been working there ever since Oct 06 at least. <br><br>MAINTENANCE<br><br>This is probably the more outstanding area that I have come into conflict with. When I moved in, I did a walk through with Magee where we noted some cosmetic touch ups that were needed, such as thresholds to cover the area where tile and carpet met but there was no cover, a post that had come undone on the out porch and needed to be nailed back in place, etc. Magee submitted those to be work orders. When I was moving in and putting my cans in the pantry closet, the weight of the shelf forced the right wall to separate from the back wall, and would not hold up the shelf. All it needed was to be nailed in place, so I submitted that as a work order as well. Since I work full time during business hours, I assumed that they would come by and fix it while I was at work. On two occasions notes were left on my door that they came by to do the work but I was not home. Late in Dec, I called the maintenance office to see why they weren't letting themselves in, why I NEEDED to be there when they did the work. The maintenance manager told me that she was told the door would not unlock with the key they had, and asked me if I had changed the locks. I told her I had not, and she then mentioned something about how they had let those workers go anyway and were hiring some new ones, and that she suspected they were making it up to get out of doing the work. She said she would have the work orders re submitted. I added a new one to her list at that time, since the girls upstairs had some kind of leak that was causing enormous water damage on a small strip of wall near my HVAC closet and needed repair. <br> A month later, no repairs had been done and no notes were left that anyone tried to come by. I called the maint. mgr again, and she looked for the work orders and said they were gone. She said she suspected they were thrown out after so much time had passed since their submission, and the wall work probably needed to be someone contracted in to do the work. She wrote up the work orders again and said she would send them out. Two weeks later, I stopped in to check on them, as the water damage was getting worse on that wall strip. She said there was no record of work orders, and took the orders again from me in person, writing them down on a notepad. Within a week, a maintenance rep came by and fixed the post outside, surveyed the water damage, and went upstairs to the (girls who had just moved out) apt to see what was causing it. He fixed the leak, and said someone would come back to do the wall work. He didn't do any of the other work orders. I would have told him to but it was my friend who was there at the time, and he didn't know what work orders were needed except the obvious. It looks like I will be stopping by again to get those looked into.<br><br>Until next time!<br><br><br>
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The Edgewater at Sandy Springs

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