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The Legacy at Druid Hills

1491 Druid Valley Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30329



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
Don't ever move into this place. I was a fool for not trusting the people on here and told myself that "only the people that have problems post, there has got to be something good about this place." I was wrong, there is not one good thing.<br><br>First, we had issues with bugs, we had our place sprayed over 10 times for cockroaches and the pest control people eventually just told us that as clean as we were, there was nothing we could do since the building was old and our neighbors were dirty. So we resigned to killing up to 10 cockroaches a day on some days. I found them in our dishes, on our toothbrushes and everywhere in between.<br><br>Second, our apartment began flooding, there was not a dry spot in the kitchen and wet patchy spots started showing up in the living room all along an interior wall. I called promptly about the problem and when they sent a guy out he tried to tell me that because I wasn't using the brand 'Cascade' in my dishwasher, that's why it was flooding. I explained that the water wasn't even coming from the dishwasher. But of course they tried to repair the dishwasher connections. After that did not solve the problem, they decided it was condensation because it was hot out. I could have used my kitchen as a swimming pool... right... condensation. So when they realized it was not condensation, they decided to change the stems in the bathroom. P.S. my bathroom wasn't flooding. When that didn't solve the problem, they came back for another inspection. By this time over a week had gone by and the apartment was just getting wetter, to the point where I could push down on the linoleum and the water would squish out from beneath it. They pulled the fridge out ripping up the linoleum beneath it. I had already mentioned that I noticed some patching on a wall in the living room and that there might have been a previous problem, so when they looked at it again, that is when they realized that there was a drain inside the wall where all the water from the bathroom and kitchen drains and it was clogged. So they cut a hole in the drywall and snaked it out. Fortunately this solved the problem but now the kitchen linoleum is ruined from maintenance's carlessness, the carpet is stained in numerous spots and there is a giant hole in our living room wall.<br><br>As for other maintenance issues, the last week we were there,I sat and waited for an hour at 5 am for the maintenance guy to come and remove our key that was stuck in the lock. The locks are old and rusty and the humidity causes the keys to stick. Since they only give you a deadbolt here, there was no way for me to even close my door. <br> <br>The people that live here let their young children play in the parking lot and every day coming home from work was like an obstacle course where we tried to avoid running them over, they pay absolutely no attention to the cars pulling in. The people above us also would sweep their trash off their balcony onto our patio.<br><br>Fortunately, the office staff let us out of our lease without much of a hassle. I just made sure to document all the problems. We packed up and got the hell out within a week and half after living there for 6 mos.<br><br>The stress that this place will cause is NOT worth it. Don't be like me and make the mistake of ignoring what everyone has said on here. To sum it up... watch "The Money Pit."<br>
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The Legacy at Druid Hills

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