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The Legacy at Druid Hills

1491 Druid Valley Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30329



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jjohn4788 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
Dont allow the cheap price to influence you moving here! This place sucks! Ive lived here almost 2 years, and cant wait until March 31st when I can get the hell out of here. If not for the inordinant amount of money you have to pay to move out early, I would have been gone months ago. Where to begin with the problems.....<br><br>ROACHES......no matter how much I clean, bleach, spray, boric acid anything, there are always bugs in and around our apartment. Its January.....when bugs should subside due to weather, not here. They are in full force year around. <br><br>2.....slow office and maintenence. I have 3 sockets which were litterally falling out of the wall, with wires exposed and everything. And now over 3 months later are still not 100% fixed. I also had Racoons.....yes Racoons that somehow got in under my bathtub, and were living there. It took the complex almost 2 weeks to get someone out there to get the rodents out from under the bathtub, and the hole they put in the wall has never been fixed. Anything else they just take their sweet time on.<br><br>I had quiet neighbors for a while, but they are gone.....now its people outside all times of the night fixing cars.....fighting....yelling etc. <br><br>The staff sucks.....<br><br>To sum it up......the hell with these raggidy pieces of ----. Run, run, run far away
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The Legacy at Druid Hills

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