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The Legacy at Druid Hills

1491 Druid Valley Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30329



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/06/2007
STAY AWAY, THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING. Ok....I naively decided to move in this place last year. BIG MISTAKE. I'm a poor law school student, so I thought I could deal with the place, but I was wrong. I feel like i was fooled into renting this place. Upon leasing the apartment i was only showed a model apartment (which looked nice). But when I entered my actual apartment (the day my lease began) I was in for a big shock. The place had a very weird smell and the roach problem was immediate. The roach problem persisted until the day I left. There might be a month here and there when i didnt have roaches, but they always came back. This problem was disgusting, i would regularly find roach droppings on the stove. Even though I am extremely clean and wasnt even there over the summer the roach problems persisted. In addition... 1)I have never had heat for more than 2 days. The maitenance people would come and fix the heat, but it would break immediately. 2)I also had rodents who live above me in the attic above. I can literally hear animals above in the attic. Sometimes they are running around up there. Other times they are scratching the surface. 3)I had terrible neighbors. Some neighbors found its appropriate to allow their dogs to go to the bathroom whereever they feel (i.e. on the cement in front of the buidling), other neighbors found it acceptable to come to the apartment at 7am on a sunday morning blaring lound music from their vehicle and sitting in the vehicle for about 20 minutes listening to this blaring music until a neighbor asked them to stop. Oh yeah, we also cant forget about those neighbors who enjoy using the apartment car wash while blaring music. So to sum it up, this place is disgusting. Even if it is tempting to pay the low rent and get this place, remember you get what you pay for and you end up getting a crappy disgusting place. I'm glad I moved out and found somewhere much nicer and cleaner at a reasonable price. I cant emphasize enough how utterly disgusting that place is.
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The Legacy at Druid Hills

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