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The Point at Westside



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
To Whom it May Concern, Every other day the the fire alarm is going off and it is an inconvenience to have to listen to this thing ring throughout the building and my apartment. This fire alarm has been going off since 2:30am and is completely unacceptable especially seeing that it is still ringing with no estimated time of being silenced (currently 6:51am). I've had way too many issues with residing here and it's getting to be very frustrating. If there are cameras in place to catch these people pulling the alarms, why can't they be evicted or fined? As a resident in this community I seriously feel like my money is being wasted. I don't go to work to come home to this along with the issues of the toilets constantly running, refrigerator leaking all over the kitchen floor, never being notified of packages as promised when first signing my lease, the wifi never working or study room being available. I'm so done with this place. Each month I'm receiving water bills that over $400 and for a person that works 12 hours a day and sleeps for 8 that makes NO sense what so ever. The fire alarms going off every other day is freaking rediculous and the fact that it lasted over 5 hours on the 21st took me over the edge! The hallways are horrendous, loud music blaring throughout the complex all the time, people fighting infront of my door every time there's a party happening across the hall, valet trash doesn't show up for days at a time(not including Friday/Saturday and holidays), a LEAF BLOWER (on film) is used to clean debree out of the hallways every week, air conditioner stopped working twice, "Brand New" refrigerator constantly leaks all over the floor but they claim it's from "condensation". Yeah okay. They are completely rude and always overtalk people which I make sure to keep on video every time I go in that office. Corporate will definitely be hearing from me very soon. I paid for peace of mind. This place is so overwhelming to live at and I could not be more excited to leave this place in March.
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The Point at Westside

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