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The Point at Westside



Resident · 2014 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Very disappointed in those apartments, I live d there for 3 yrs until graduation and I had the worst experience, the people in the office were rude as hell, very unprofessional with how they talk and act towards tenents, at first i thought it was just me but my (ex) neighbor said that he to had a few run ins with them, the noise was extreme, all throughout the nights & especially during the weekends people talking loud, partying were times that I had to either go to my bfs house or the library just to study in peace it was just ridiculous. I have never seen such filthy, disgusting, nasty grounds people didn't even attempt to put. Their trash in the chute, just tossed it on the ground where flies and rodents would pick at it ..outside the breezeways were filthy as well, spider webs, trash sitting in front of doors (which was embarrassing to explain to my guest) and all over the place I did see guys cleaning but it didn't stay clean for mailboxes have been broken into many times (you can tell by the bent/ pry marks left behind) so have cars & fire alarm would go off All the time(one night it lasted from like 10pm to 6 am in the morning) drove me took a long time for you to get anything fixed or repaired, the gym equipment was old to the point where it rusted and was uncomfortable to use, plus a nasty man would go and spit, and blow his nose WITHOUT TISSUE all over the place NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!!!!..oh, did I say how RUDE the people in the office were? Yeah their attitudes stunk, never in life have i had such disrespectful humans talk and act the way they did.. especially the guy who sits at the desk on the left like really? ( like if you hate your job quite dont don't come at me all sideways) I don't know what his problem is but every time i would call with a problem or went by the office, he would act salty and is so much more.. I could actually write a 3yr experience book about it, but I'm just sooo glad that i convinced my father to move me back to Buckhead I'm so very the people are nice in the office and i have no problems!! I would NEVER EVER go back to that place(even though it's near everything & my job) or tell people to move advice is to stay away and if you still live there RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!! #TRUTH
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The Point at Westside

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