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The Point at Westside



Former Resident · 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE! I would rate -5 stars if possible. Management is trash, property manager is trash, residents are trash, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE IS TRASH. I lived here for about four years and loved this place for the memories that I made with my friends throughout my college career, but DEFINITELY NOT for the living standards. Maintenance requests takes WEEKS to be handled AFTER constant harassment of management who always "forget" to put in your work order. I had to call the police multiple times on neighbors above me arguing so loudly it woke me up, even one instance where I could hear a woman straight up being abused. My roommate and I went up to their unit and demanded they open the door and that's when everything INSTANTLY went quiet. They didn't answer they door so we called the police. On another occasion, a neighbor and their roommate/guest two floors above me got into an altercation that I could hear from my unit which was followed by a their balcony window shattering and raining broken glass ALL over my balcony. There have also been times where groups of people would stand in the halls talking so loudly in the middle of the night while people were trying to sleep. Residents will also constantly prop open gates which allows anyone to come in. Many neighbors(not all) are inconsiderate trash. In January of 2018, my roommates and I started experiencing strange occurrences such as people knocking and sometimes jiggling our doorknob. We would open the door and no one was in site. Then, some guy none of us had ever met before approached me in the morning on my way out from work. He asked me to let him in so that he could talk to my roommate, but couldn't give me a name or even describe anyone who lived with me. I told him everyone was sleeping and he said that he'd call them and I watched him walk away. I left for work and right before calling my girlfriend to let her know what happened, she called me and told me that someone had just pushed his way into the apartment and started asking questions all calmly while walking around the apartment. He tried to go into our bedroom which is when my girlfriend kicked him out and called me, then I came back home and immediately called the police. He tried to act friendly to her, offered his number as he sold a variety of drugs. We used his number to track him down through social media and found him. I forwarded the information and profile to the management and they did absolutely nothing. Fast forward a few months, the property manager Mark told me that they had updated the security cameras and they were now fully functional. Fast forward two years, February of 2020, I was going back and forth from my apartment to my car loading up equipment for a DJ set that I was performing at a party. On my final trip to my car, a masked man approached and held me up at gun point. This was IN the parking deck WITHIN the gates of the complex. I filed a police report, then informed management of what had happened. Mark asked me for information but proceeded to do absolutely NOTHING about it. Also, remember when I mentioned he told me that he had updated the security cameras? Yea, that was a complete lie. When I reported the incident to management, they told me that NONE of the security cameras worked. One thing that these two criminal incidents had in common is that the suspects got away VERY quickly. Call me paranoid, but the only way that would be possible is if they lived/knew someone who lived in this complex that they could quickly slip into their apartments. I warned EVERY neighbor I passed as to what had happened over the next week or so and to be careful and vigilant. NONE of them had heard of what had happened which means that management had failed to inform them of a violent criminal incident that happened within their community. The office shows empathy, but that doesn't mean anything when they have no authority other than signing people onto a lease. Mark has all the power and he does NOT care at all about the safety and well-being of the community so long as they get their paychecks every month. Although I was on the lease, I stayed at a friends condo in Midtown for a month due to not feeling safe there. I couldn't sleep for weeks because of that incident. Every apartment complex will view a bad review and comment "I'm sorry you had this experience, please give us a call so we can fix this as best as we can". No. You don't care about your residents AT ALL until you see them giving you bad publicity. You guys had four years to address my concerns and never once did anything about them. Now I finally moved into a new place in a much safer area of the city. DO NOT move here if you value your safety and money.
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The Point at Westside Manager


Hello, We regret the experience that you had at the Point at Westside. We do value our residents and we want to make every resident's living experience fantastic. Although we did not want to lose you as a resident, we are truly happy that you have found a new home that certainly meets or exceeds your expectations. Please continue to enlighten us on how we can improve our management by giving us a call at 678-891-2275 or by sending an email to us directly to the community. Thank you for your feedback and we wish you all the best!

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The Point at Westside

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