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The Whitney at Sandy Springs



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Carly_B • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/02/2017
As a current resident, I have to rate this a 2.5 star complex. It is almost decent but the front office really ruins it. I'm not expecting a great place to live in, but I at least expect my car not to get egged, not to have to harass maintenance for a simple request and to not have my rent increase by 38% at renewal. I had to go to the front office to have my rate lowered and during that discussion, I received nothing but disrespectful answers. You can really tell that everyone that works here (including managers) don't want to do any work at all. The parking is a mess. People park along the road so that you are not able to drive to your apartment. The lake behind my apartment is more of a toxic waste dump that I believe sudden death with occur to anyone who dared to touch the water. The gym is a joke. I don't even want to call it a gym because it has one treadmill and an elliptical that hardly works. In the gym, kids from around the neighborhood go in there to social or try to hurt themselves with the equipment. The pool is full of children at all times, so don't expect to be able to have a relaxing sunbath- it won't happen. I wouldn't even bother sending a package to the complex, because they'll just leave your package outside of your apartment for anyone to steal. The gate is pointless. It's open 85% of the year. The people inside the complex are the ones that you would want to keep out of there anyways. Worst part about this complex has to be that the management will leave incredibly important notices outside of your apartment at all hours of the night. I've had several notices get blown away by the wind and then the complex will try to charge you for a notice that you never received. When you go to dispute this, their reply will be that they left the notice on your door. Please don't live here. It's not worth the cheap rent, because honestly, it's not even that cheap. Not worth the car washes you'll have to get because your car was egged, the shocks you'll have to buy for your car because there are ten thousands speed bumps. Just don't.
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The Whitney at Sandy Springs

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