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The Whitney at Sandy Springs



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/07/2005
Anything you can imagine about living in the jungle you can find here. All the different bugs and critters such as roaches,centipedes,fruit flies,ants,possums and the biggest rodents the Atlanta Art Institute students. It is loud all of the time. Screaming doors slamming every night. The fighting happens often then it leads to shootings and stabbings. Where in the heck did these people come from. I have been here a year and pest control has NEVER been in my apartment. I took a picture today of the garbage dumpster and I was so embarrassed. The ground might as well be a dumpster because there is trash everywhere. The children have nowhere to play. The so called playground looks like a graveyard. It looks like evil spirits dwell there. Can someone tell me what in the ----- is going with the swimming pool? Where is the water or should I say the clean water. It is full of leaves and anything else you can imagine. One day I was walking my dog and I saw a man by a bush urinating along with his dog. How gross is that? I paid 25 dollars for a gate key, FOR WHAT!!!! The gates are always broke. I have been here since 2003 and the same mess is going on right now in 2005. It is ashame to be living like this. I might as well be living in the projects.
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The Whitney at Sandy Springs

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