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The Whitney at Sandy Springs



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200soft • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
Ok...time for a fair review of this place, as i havent read one yet. The apartments are big and inexpensive, i live in a 1250 sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath for $675 (up $25 due to renewal, most neighbors pay $599). The interior is nice with the exeption of the dirt cheap tile used in the kitchen and bathrooms. The painters that coat these interiors arent very talented as there is white trim paint slopped onto the wall a good half inch in some places and the sprayer got off white over-spray on the ceiling. Maintenance is great, this summer my a.c needed to be recharged so i informed management and less than 30 minutes later there was a man recharging the system, problem solved. The worst problem with this complex is the gates, they havent been operable since 2004 i think. This causes near head-on collisions because two entrances are narrow and designed for entrance only. But, people use them as exits also, very annoying. Trash control is simply neglected here. The former management though reluctant to fix the gates at least had 8x8 dumpsters located on several corners. The new management has eliminated that idea and insists that people use the compactor. A machine that nobody seems to understand because there is always huge piles of trash in front of it. Parking is fine, although if the gates were fixed there would be more parking available to the residents instead of the aia students friends. Yes, aia has housing for thier students here, but im not near them. My unit is on the side of the property away from noise (thanks to good neighbors) and i have a nice view of a lake (ducks sometimes swim in it). So, other than the trash and gates, life is fine here. Just ask for an apartment away from the aia dorms and maybe you will be lucky like me. Email for further inquiry.
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The Whitney at Sandy Springs

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