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The Whitney at Sandy Springs



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
I live in a spacious,inexpensive (under $700) 1BR/1BA apartment convenient to I-285. Sounds like a good deal but I wish I hadn't signed a year contract! Here are some of the problems I've had only in a year's time: 1. The air/heat in my apartment was never circulating correctly; my electric bill had gotten over $200 before I realized what the problem was. I asked the apartment manager to get my vents cleaned. It took 4 weeks and a lot of complaining to get someone to tell me if and when they were going to come out to clean the vents. Finally, they cleaned the vents and found rat bones. Since this is an older complex I wasnt too surprised but the nonchalant reaction of the manager is what surprised me! 2. The gates had been open for a few weeks. I asked the manager about it and she told me someone had cut the electricity wire to the gate. At this point, I'm really starting to fear for my safety. There are gang signs tattooed on walls,mailboxes, and even on the back wall of the Citgo gas station. They are constantly having to repaint. 3. The last straw! I come home often to people sitting on the stairs or standing in the breezeway blocking the entrance into my apartment. The management sent out letters telling people that they would be fined for all this standing around but I have not seen any improvement. I had to call the police on my neighbors because of arguing at 3am in the morning on a Sunday night. Come at night to see for yourself the truth of Mission Sandy Springs!Don't worry the gates will either be open or you can piggyback behind someone. If you like noisy neighbors,Mexican music, and staff that don't care about you or their job, then you should live here.
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The Whitney at Sandy Springs

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