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Vinings Palisades Apartments

4545 River Parkway

Atlanta, GA 30339



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GG_GG • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
I've lived in River Parkway for 2 years and just moved out. The main reason for my move was the roaches. I couldn't get rid of them neither could the complex. My apartment have been sprayed, fogged and all that but nothing helped. The problem is they come and spray your unit only and not the whole building. So the roaches find places to hide and come back. When my downstairs neighbours moved out the roaches doubled. They were in my dishwasher, my refrigerator even. I left no food around, sprayed all the time to no avail.<br><br>I moved into River Parkway in July 2003 and my move-in rent was $567, the year after that it went upto $610 but I negotiated and took it down to $587. Then this year when I went to talk about my rent the african-american lady (sorry don't know her name) came upto me with a POST-IT that said "current: $587 new: $670" and just gave it to me! A friggin' post-it and I'm there standing infront of her not e-mailing her! I thought that was incredibly rude but then again that's how much respect they have for their residents. I went in to talk with the menager, Kent, and he said the best he could do was $650 and he brought out the "notice for move-out" paper and started writing on it. Their attitude was intolerable, disrespectful and said "just get out". Although I could afford the rent increase I decided to move out and I'm very happy with my decision. I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody. Just move to post woods which is next door and has good management and no roaches.<br><br>So to sum it up...<br><br>The positive parts: <br><br>-Close to I-75 and if you work in downtown Atlanta there is almost never traffic which is awesome. I go to Georgia Tech and it never took me more than 15 min to get to or back.<br>-The new gym is nice, the equipment is new but very badly maintained. The water finishes fast and takes a long time for them to replace it. The bathrooms have no paper and are not clean. One time I told them the toilet paper was gone but still it wasn't replaced for 3 days, how hard is it to put paper in the bathroom??? <br><br>- The pools (when maintained) are nice.<br><br>-Maintanance requests are fulfilled the same day or the next at most. <br><br>-The complex is very quiet. I've never heard "loud rap music" or whatever.<br><br>Negatives:<br><br>-Roaches roaches roaches. I really started to go crazy by the end of my lease. They were everywhere and by everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE (on the walls, in the refrigerator, in the dishwasher and I even found one in the aquarium on one of the plastic plants). I'm going crazy just thinking about it.<br><br>-The disrespectful management.<br><br>-The steep increase in rent<br><br>-Expensive gas and water bill (my friends live in post woods and pay $15 water for a 2 bedroom and I used to pay $26 for a 1 br in River Pkwy)<br><br>-The walls are very thin. <br><br>All in all, I'm extremely happy that I moved out of River Parkway.
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Vinings Palisades Apartments

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