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Walton River to Kinstone River



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chickenbone • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
you know, before i moved to palisades @ galleria, i've read the reviews here and was scared silly, but after living there for a year, i feel that i must clear palisades name. yes there was a --- there, but not any more. he was cool with me, he worked with me when it came to the rent, especially if i was late and he forefilled most of my repair requests. <br><br>i never seen the police there except only when they were called and they do like to do an occasionally road check, becuase the police there are to lazy and stupid to do real police work i.e. go out there and find the bad guys! other than that, no blue lights.<br><br>i felt very safe there, in fact, i would take moonlite walks on cumberland boulevard. you should try it, it's very nice!<br><br>i never had a noise issue, the tenants i was around were pretty quite. i live in the C building apt C15. that apartment for me was a dream come true! and i'll miss it:(<br><br>Now palisades is gone and there is walton river. i lived there during the switch and i have to say PALISADES WAS BETTER!!! there's a fat white guy you should keep an eye on, he's the manager, but don't let that scar you. the gate is now always busted and less effort is put into it to fix it. they were working on upgrades to the place and never finished them. and i can go on, but i wont.<br><br>the gate issue. ok the gate is not the best, however i have had not one break in. palisades did do there best to fix it all the time and they kept with it. the community is not completly gated there are way to get in, but it's there just to make thing look nice, they are all like that.<br><br>coming from NY, i didn't like the fact that management can walk-in to your apartment anytime and inspect it; and one time i did ask them to leave with a expandable baton and they did. well, this was one guy who was working for walton, but he doesn't any more. so you don't have to worry about him. however, the fat white manager is no better, but you can see him coming, so don't worry. they only do that to make repairs that palisades didn't do, other than that, i didn't have a problem with this issue.<br><br>Listen, even though managements have changed, it's still a great place to live. and there is alot of conviences that you can walk to.<br>you are near highway entrances and exits. you are near GREAT SHOPPING AND GYMS and the air conditioning is great.<br><br> no place in the world is great and they all have their flaws. i feel people who write the worst reviews are looking for too much and are spoiled -------! and if you don't like it, you can always move. there are other apartment complexes giving move-in specials. <br><br>but the reason i writing this review is to clear palisades name and as far as i'm concerned they were the best! <br><br>i don't care what the other reviews you read say or have said, i'm setting the record straight for past reviews and future ones. if you are a simple person YOU WILL LIKE IT!! if you are not, THEN BUY A FRIGGING MANSION. besides palisades(walton) is near all that high living. mansion, bentleys, phantoms, that's right Roll Royce. <br><br>YOU'LL LOVE IT!!:)<br><br>Lewis:)
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Walton River to Kinstone River

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