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WestMar Student Lofts

800 West Marietta Street

Atlanta, GA 30318



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
<br> This place is great! If you like being raped. Yes I said it there is a Metropointe Lofts rapist. Nothing has been done about it... if it takes even half as long to fix this problem as it did the fire alarm bandits, well everyone will have AIDS and a kid to bring to class. Oh yes class, class is fine...however, getting there is about as easy as pooping a house. There are broken windows and loud noises from trains every day like clockwork. The school advertises the lofts with flat screen TVs, trees by the pool and painted walls...all of which are 0% true, which is the same rating I am giving the place. The parking is huge, but is accessible <br>by just about anyone, even a rapist. Victims can vouch for this one. Rent price per month is $920...I could rent a house with that kind of money. There are used condoms in all the hallways. (probably the rapist's) The elevators break everyday, and stall out on people. One time a friend of mine was in one and it dropped him six feet before the power cut back on....by the way he died. Just kidding about the death part, but it could have happened...just like getting raped. Students launch fireworks into other open windows and raid people with water balloons.<br>People blast music and porno's all night long. Back to the fire alarms, the majority of the lofts occupants stayed inside one night thinking that the alarm was once again pulled by students...when in all reality there was a small fire on the third floor. Now I was one of the many who stayed in doors during this event and it wasn't until after the matter was handled that I received word of the fire. Now I am no burn specialist; but in my personal opinion, I would have to go out on a limb and say all the kids would have died if it had been a big one. Having your own room is nice, however, the concrete walls make me feel like I am doing ten to life, you know the same kind of punishment the rapist here deserves. Oh and the internet doesn't work in some rooms, and when it does it runs very slowly. On the subject of computers, the lab at the lofts has tons of computers....to look at, about six of them work and when school projects need to be taken care of, other student are using them to surf the web or stream videos to waste time. Basically don't live here. To tell the truth, ever since I moved here I started cutting myself.
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WestMar Student Lofts

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