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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2005
I have lived here for 3 years and the place definately has its ups and downs.<br><br>PROS:<br><br>1) While the gates are always broken, I have never really felt unsafe living here. I frequently was to and from my car in the parking lot and to the mailboxes and pools at night. I have never had a problem, and I am a small female.<br><br>2) It's a relatively quiet community. I have never had a problem with other tenants' music or yelling. And besides a few loud bumps on the floor from above, you really don't even know you have neighbors.<br><br>3) They do keep the outside appearance of the places pretty well, and the pools and things are nice.<br><br>4) While I have never been to one myself they do host special activities that I've never heard of before. It might be common, but I'm adding it to the pluses.<br><br>CONS:<br><br>1) Like said in many reviews before, I have never been very pleased with the office staff. They are slightly rude and they change staff almost every week. I never know who the property manager is.<br><br>2) The pricing is a bit high and they will hit you for everything they can. You can't really do anything without getting a fine.<br><br>3) The maintenance is awful. I can't think of one maintenance issue that has actually been corrected. Oh, they will come out in a timely manner and "fix" the problem, but it never actually gets fixed. Broken tack strips are nailed back in with the same rusty nails, leak stains on the ceiling are spray-painted without warning or moving anything being on the counter (in the kitchen), the sink that loses pressure and shakes and such gets a new strainer. I have actually stopped reporting problems...my dishwasher has been broken for some time now. I didn't think I should even bother asking them to fix it.<br><br>--Basically if you want a quiet, pretty community and you want to keep to yourself and really don't mind doing your own maintenance, and can afford it, this would be the place to live. But if you want an active staff and things taken care of, I wouldn't pay the amount this place costs.
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Wildwood Ridge

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