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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2006
When I moved to Wood Terrace in Oct 2001 it was a really nice property because it was managed by Gables, the staff was courteous, friendly and even went the extra mile before I moved to come retrieve me from the airport to visit this property. The gates were always closed, the landscaping was always neat and beautiful. Gables did not renew their contract with the property owner because he did not want to pay for the upkeep of the property according to their specifications so they left. Along comes another company PCM Management, this is where the incompetence begins. The staff did not know what or how to complete simple task, they started putting notes on people's doors who payed their rent in full stating that they did not, hence drama began to errupt in the management office between the residents and the staff. This went on for a while,then they changed from PCM to Focus who now manages the property, well Focus has issues also, The staff has no real clue and no real control. The complex is probably at 80% occupancy, the others with loud music who work on their cars on the weekends,hang their clothing on the balcony, drive huge trucks with ladders, and have no inkling of what a noise ordinance is have become residents. The gates now are broken, and have been for a year, the tennis courts that use to be immaculate are now a haven for others to play soccer, the pool is overpopulated in the summer with unruly scantidly dressed young girls. The security officers were all nice and responded to any calls regarding disturbances. The complex does have several police officers from Dekalb County, Fulton County, and several Federal Officers who reside in the complex they are on the security staff. I recently heard that Focus is in the process of terminating several security officers from this property which will only result in more crime, more gun shots nightly, and more DANGER! DONT MOVE HERE! This management company does not have a clue, instead of firing security personnel who protect the residents they need to work on fixing the gates and living conditions of this place. Focus will not be the mangement company for much longer because I do not see them making the revenue.<br>Glad to be gone from that place!
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Wood Terrace

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