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Georgian Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
This is my second stint at Georgian Place. I lived her once before from 99-01 and it was lovely. I lived in both a 1 bedroom and a 2/2. The 2/2 was spacious and GP has one of the largest floorplans in Augusta. If there were any high crimes they weren't reported it was safe and mainteance always came promptly. They have always kept the grounds meticulous and still do today. The office staff was very friendly (still are and the same manager remains)and the complex is in a great location for someone not wanting to be too far from shopping and restaurants and also equal distance to all other areas of the CSRA. The i bedroom plan is awkward but cute. It has a screened porch which I love. It also has a awkwardly small living/dining combo that I don't. The bedroom is a decent size but the bathroom has no window. I had no problems with pests. Pest control rounds were regular. I hated to leave in 2001 but I was trying to balance school and working and decided to move home. <br><br>Imagine my shock and suprise when I returned in 2003. I came right back because of all of the good things. I was happy to see the manager was still here and some of the support staff. Read the signs as they say and here they come. They gave me one move in date and apartment number and then later gave me another. They did allow me to sign my lease a little early with a delayed move in date so I could get the utitlities on. On the day I was to pick up my keys I was told the apartment wasn't ready but no one called so the lights are already in my name and my furniture was being delivered that day. She did allow me to do a walk through stating that the carpet needed to be done. When I went over the aprtment was not clean at all. The process hadn't even begun only the painting was done and all the windows were up and guess who was paying the light bill and heating with the windows up? Me! The carpet was FILTHY! Not even worth cleaning. My cousin happened to live in the aartment behind me and let me know that the prior tenents did not keep the aprtment up. I instructed management that I wanted new carpeting. They agreed with the understanding it would delay my move in. When I moved in they had not replaced the carpet as I requested but they did do a good cleaning job. I expressed my displeasure but had to move right away and so I took it. The break-ins are notorious, the clientale has declined and it has been rumoured that they are taking government vouchers (Section 8) which would explain the change in the safety issues and the environment. They have recently increased the rent because of property value or tax increase. 1 /1 runs $495, 2/1=$550 2/2 and 2/1.5 run $609-619 we won't even go into the 3/1 and 3/2. The bathrooms are poorly tiled or just maybe too old. They are impossible to keep clean. Imagine scrubing your tiled walls and floors-daily- just so they stay clean. Appliances are old, the window panes are thin, I found a neighbor on her back porch smoking crack I presume, I wake up to another or maybe the same neighbor smoking pot at 530am every morning, and I've had things missing in my apartment. The only thing that has remained pleasantly the same is maintenance who respond timely and have never had to have them fix much. The office staff remain friendly but I don't get a sense that they get the change in the atmosphere nor do they get that with the current increase in rent, upgrades need to be done and clientele needs to be changed.<br><br>Also, they dont do deposits at GP they call that deposit something else that I don't remember but it's non-refundable.
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Georgian Place Apartments

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