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The Glen at Alexander

1040 Alexander Drive

Augusta, GA 30909



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Office Staff
augustarenter • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2006
Living in sc do we put that for our address for car insurance<br>I have lived at MG for 1.5 yrs and my happiest day will be when I move out. The office staff is horrible. Parking is a nightmare. You can never ever park close to your apartment there are just not enough spots for all the apartments. At first its okay, but after a while especially in the rain carrying groceries, it is such a headache. Then to add insult to injury they allow the police to give CITY parking tickets within their gated community!!!!! The gated aspect is nice but trust me its not worth it. It only stops your friends and the pizza delivery man from entering, people with malicious aspirations can and do still enter. There is also no "garage door" type gate opener, every time you have to roll down your window and swipe your card to enter. This alone could be the biggest safety issue- imagine entering the complex at 10pm and you are alone in your car. You roll down your window to swipe your card and someone from behind the bushes jumps out at you with a gun, they have complete access to you- thats not safe at all... <br>Then there is the noise factor. The apartment is designed conveniently so that 1/2 of the units are located next to the staircase which is also where the master bedroom backs up to. So every time someone walks up and down the stairs you hear it, esp. when kids run up or down them. I have also been kept up on countless nights by my upstairs neighbors "making babies," which begs the question if they can hear us as well as we can he them. <br>The apartment also fines you if there is any litter on the grounds that they can link back to you with a $50 assessment to your monthly bill. <br>The only positive aspect about this apartment complex is the maintenance staff. <br>For the price you would think that it should be the best place to live in Augusta but I am warning you look else where before you sign up to live here.<br><br>
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The Glen at Alexander

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