The Lory of Perimeter

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The Lory of Perimeter

2900 Perimeter Parkway, Augusta, GA 30909
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Resident 2020 - 2023


great place to live

Great place to live. The staff is great. work orders get completed in a good timely manner. There are no pest issues, not sure why others say there are. The golf room is the absolute best and it is in doors.

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    Resident 2021 - 2022


    The property is quiet, no rats. Not sure why someone wrote this. That was a concern of mine when I was trying to find a place in Augusta. It is an older building, but it is nice. I have a new renovated apt, and the grounds are kept clean and well maintanined. I am not in the back of the apts, so not sure how it is at the back end. Jeremy in maintenance is wonderful he came and took care of my small issue with in a few days. Management is very nice and responsive. Laura and Kim are super nice and take care of any questions/issues. There are several military folks living here as well. I like the area and the convenience of being close to a lot of areas. Dr's hospital is 5 mins up the road and Target, restrautants, Starbucks, etc.. are right around the corner. I like living here.,

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      Resident 2017 - 2020


      I moved in 2017 and moved out in 2020. I have not received my deposit back yet. Was told my deposit was mailed out a month after I moved out to my daughter's hous. Due to me not having a forwarding address due to moving to another state. They sent out another one on the 20th of June to my current address and today is the 17th of July. I have still not received it. It shouldn't take this long via mail for anyone to get their deposit back. I reached out to the office today and no one answered the phone. Everytime I call the office I have to call several times before someone will answer the phone. They say corporate is the one that sends back the deposit. If that is how corporate treats people who pay there rent on time every month for months then it doesn't surprise me how down hill that place is going since I moved ou. The pool was only open the first summer I was there. The last summer I was there they said the emergency phone didn't connect to the police and that's why they didn't open the pool for the… See More>
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        Resident 2020 - 2021


        DO NOT MOVE TO THIS PLACE. I am a current resident and I am currently looking up legal ways to leave this place prior the end of contract. This is a rat and roach infested place. Management does not care. Call for pest control and nobody comes yet you pay monthly for pest service. Stay away for from this over priced hell! I wish someone had warned me before coming here so I am trying to help prospects out.

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          Resident 2021


          Do not move here We have lived in this community for over two years now. If we were not in Augusta only temporarily, we would have moved after our first lease was up. It is very clear that while on the surface the apartments are updated, it's mere surface finishes. From cabinets that do not open properly, a kitchen drawer we can't even use, cheap finishes and flooring, leaks, to musty smells when it rains, etc. In our time here, we have seen the change from the old community owners when we first moved in to the current ones. And since taking over, the office staff has been a revolving door of people, most of whom are rude and very short with residents. The current office staff is by far the worst we have seen. In the middle of a pandemic, they cannot even wear a mask to keep the community safe. I have brought this up to them to which their reply was "yeah none of us in here wear them" or "Yes, it's required for you, but not for me." If they can't even wear a mask (despite the sign on the front door REQUIRING ONE), it really… See More>
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            Resident 2019 - 2020


            I've read a few reviews and started not to write one but I feel the need to let people know that nothing has change about this place in years. I moved out recently. I lived there for a year. They were super nice as I was applying for the apartment but once I became a tenant that all ceased. Don't be fooled by the photos of the apartment online as I was. They are very outdated. I only accepted it because I needed a place quick as I had just moved to Augusta. The apartments are COCK ROACH infested. I used sprays, traps, and wall plugins. NOTHING can get rid of them. They also have MICE. The A/C units are very old at some units. I just happen to have an old one with the side panel falling to the ground whenever the wind blows. Plus the A/C is very industrial LOUD. They have emergency water shut offs monthly which last hours but they will not give you a break on the water bill. In fact, they will charge you double. The staff and manager are all obese and lazy with attitudes. They give excuses for everything. The pool never… See More>
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              Resident 2015 - 2016


              Renovating while current tenants are in the apartments. Came home from work one day around midnight to find a strong odor from the renovations and the carbon monoxide alarm going off. Additionally, due to the renovations, other maintenance issues were caused. Told it was a coincidence that the alarm sounded and should just take out the batteries. I also asked if the fumes were dangerous since I'm pregnant, they said no. I asked them to please write me a letter confirming that the products used in renovations would not be harmful to the growth of my child. I had to call 5 times, write a letter, and wait a week before any of the maintenance issues were resolved! I still have not received any communication about the toxicity of the products used in renovations. No explanation of the carbon monoxide monitor going off, no note, and no communication of if the renovations will continue to occur with us living in the apartment. Customer care is definitely not a priority.

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                Resident 2016


                These apartments are horrible. I lived out here the first time in 2012 in a 2 bedroom with no problems. I moved back a few years later in a 1 bedroom and had to share my apartment with mice. Lots of mice! I have pictures videos and text messages and they still didn't fix my problem they only told me that no one else has complained about the issue. I didn't pay another dime!!! I was forced to live in hotels and sleep on friends couches. Not one time was I offered a discount or a few free months rent since I was ran out of my damn living space by mice! Instead they offered me nothing off my rent no free rent but a timeframe to pay! They actually evicted me! This is a slum apartment and thank god I was able to find another place before I paid them a dime. They are nasty. Cut off your water and won't even tell you. Don't lease here

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                  Resident 2012 - 2013


                  These apartments are TERRIBLE! The staff is worthless you will never get any repairs you need done, pretty sure the maintenance was stealing from me. Bathroom always smells like mold no matter how much you clean it. And all they do in the office is give you a run around every time you come in about a problem. Trash everywhere, pool and hot tub hardly ever open and working. While I was here about five cars were stolen from the parking lot right in front of the office including mine. I would not suggest living here to anyone, you can find a much better apartment than this. Definitely not worth the money.

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                    Resident 2013


                    I wish I had more time to shop around first. Flooded sidewalks, Trash bags laying around everywhere, Trash around dumpsters, Mold and Mildew or what ever it is all over the property, The area to pickup mail is nasty and filled with mud and mosquitos, out dated appliances, cock roaches, not enough hired help, and they constantly give that excuse when you bring it to their attention. NO WAY!!!

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                      Resident 2011 - 2013


                      THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST MANAGEMENT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! The staff is SO RUDE and NOT HELPFUL!! The woman who works in the office has been rude to me on the phone when I asked about maintenance I needed. It also takes days for a response to maintenance requests. I was never told when the maintenance staff was coming to my apartment and nothing was left to tell me what they did while in my apartment. They are unreliable and very inconsiderate. My apartment is okay BUT I would NEVER recommend anyone to live here because of the HORRIBLE STAFF!! I can't tell you enough how awful they are and how NOT helpful they are. DONT LIVE HERE! DO-NOT-LIVE HERE

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                        Resident 2013


                        Best place to move into affordable price and nice apartments.I dont know what the problem with the staff is???? they are really nice dedicated and helpful. Sherell & Marsha. with that being said can't please everyone. I love my New Apartment Thanks Sherell & Marsha

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                          Resident 2012


                          Generally safe. A little noisy. Waterbugs (roaches) should be paying rent. Had to get the apartment exterminated twice in less than 2 months.

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                            Resident 2011 - 2012


                            A very temporary renter

                            I have lived here for 10 months. I have found the front office lady " Sheryl" to be very friendly and helpful. The manager is rude and unapproachable. She will not come out of her office unless you almost demand to see her. I don't even remember seeing her at the Christmas Party but I did see staff going in and out of her office. This used to be one of the premier apartment complex's in Augusta. It is a shame to see it run into the ground

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                              I have lived here for 6months and used to live here a couple years back for a year. They are very willing to work with you and will help you out as much as they can. The staff is very nice and friendly (well maybe all expect one woman. The maintenance is always very nice and social-able although it seems that they could use some extra help they are always working so hard to reply to maintenance issues quickly. I love that I have never had a problem with bugs at all bc i really hate them lol. Some buildings do have an issue with flooding but not inside of them just the walkways and patios but the building I'm in this time hasn't got flooded yet. They have a Christmas contest every year so you can try to win some rent off which i have and it is very helpful for the holidays. They also throw a Christmas party and it is a nice way of getting to know your neighbors! The only thing I do get frustrated with is that if maintenance is out sick or super busy and doesn't have time to pick of trash for the… See More>
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                                Resident 2011


                                moving as soon as possible

                                I came looking for apartments during a business trip knowing that I would be moving my family in once I was hired. I knew they depended on me to pick a good apartment for us to call home temporarily. I now feel that I let my family down and am depressed daily because of it. The only reason we arent staying in WAY nicer apartments in Evans is because we have a mortgage to pay out of state, and until it sells we are fairly restricted.I used this website to choose the most recommended apartment that I visited (18 apartments in 1.5 days). I knew it was only 48%recommended, but compared to what else we could afford, this was it.The cabinets are peeling away and falling off the hinges, the quarter rounds arent even nailed to the cabinets in any of the rooms.There is a large 3 window set in the living room that is drafty because they were original 1984 windows made of metal, furthermore, when it rains, that same window leaks profusely(sp?) from the rotting gutters outside.The 1984 tiled shower has tiles falling off the wall.The popcorn ceiling is peeling in one bathroom.We have a hole in our… See More>
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                                  Resident 2010


                                  My experience was Great!

                                  I have lived here for about 6 months. The community is very nice and the price is a little high but it is worth it especially in Augusta. You pay for your piece of emind, safety, and quality. Everything is well lighted at night at night ie: automatic porch lights, street lights, and parking. The management staff is excellent, and were exceptional in cooperating with my situation (deployed while apt hunting) and put a rush so I could move in sooner. I would agree that the appliances are kind of out of date. Dont get me wrong everything functions and is neat but the fridge,stove, and dishwasher are the older tan models. As fas as neighbors go you can not really judge the community on an individual person. All members of the community I have saw have been professionals, mature, and friendly. I rarely even see my adjacent neighbors. The hot tub has never been warm when I attempted to use it. Parking is ok, although it gets a little packed if you live near the office community because it is probably like 20 spaces. All maintenance requests have been answered in timely manners. Occassionaly I had to call twice… See More>
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                                    Resident 2009 - 2010


                                    Trashy moldy worthless

                                    If you have allergies or don't ever want then do not move here, not for the money. Im sorry but paying over $600 the apartments should be better maintained. Under the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom look like someone placed a peice of plywood over the bottom where its rotting and between the stove and cabinets the wood is falling apart like something is eating away at it. The microwave provided is about 30 years old and the cabinets are actually peeling away. Carpet should have been replaced probbably 5 years before I moved in and the walls are awful. To think people have to pay for this crap and people are actually getting paid to be maintenance workers. Also, if there is a leak no one is going to fix it and mold will just keep on growing. Im no maintenance or property mgmt expert but if there is a problem you should fix it before a major issue arises that will cost much more later to fix. Not a good idea to move here, not for the money, noise, mainetance. The only thing that was a good experience was the pool....and that was because no one was… See More>
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                                      Resident 2004 - 2010


                                      Please think twice

                                      I have lived here for some years only because it was affordable for me, but know they went up on the rent which im not complaining about but you dont see anything being done around the complex with the extra money. The maintenance come when they want to and it is hard to keep the apartment warm in the winter. There are no pet restrictions for people who don't or can't be around animals. The walls are thin and you here people in the apartment adjacent to you and doors sound like they are being slammed constantly. Please don't move here if you want only comcast as your provider for cable - management doesn't allow satellites if they have to be put on the roof but if you are fortunate to get reception from your balcony you might be able to get it. Management can be really nasty sometime when you ask them to put in orders for work on your apartment. This complex has been here for 22 years and i just found that out some months ago. I WISH I COULD AFFORD TO BREAK MY LEASE. SO PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE MOVING… See More>
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                                        Resident 2009 - 2010


                                        Owners of Huntington

                                        HUNT HOLDINGS INC THE GRAYSTONE GROUP MORNEAU SOBECO CNTR 895 DON MILLS RD STE 106 TORONTO ON CANADA M3C 1W3 Telephone: 416.445.2700 Fax: 416.445.7989 e-mail: Morneau Sobeco is a HR company but this is all the information I can find for who owns The Huntington, for anyone who is looking. I'm not sure if this will do any good for all the problems that go on around here, but it is worth a shot. My husband and I have only lived here for a few months and thank goodness we are about to leave. (Military can be a blessing sometimes). I'm not sure about some of the claims that peoples cars have been broken into and people have been robbed, but I am sure that the management and maintenance here are horrible. They treat you like gold until you move in. We couldn't even live in our apartment for about 2-3 weeks after moving in because of an infestation of fleas. Management "forgot" to call the exterminator, and had to be reminded. I am just thankful that our hometown isn't too far from here so we could stay with family. The fleas are the only time that anything we called about got fixed. We have changed our… See More>
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                                          Resident 2008 - 2010


                                          Money , Hot tub, Lights and smoking

                                          I wish I had found this site but now its to late. I was told that there was a waiting list for a apartment and they only had one demo to show. Then 3 days later they called me and said one came up and I had to rent it then or it would go to the next person. So being in the state of had to find a place to live i took it. so i moved in on the 18 of a month and paid a half months rent but my lease did not start until the next month. Well I have talked to some of the renters here and they did the same to them. I want to know where that money went!!!! The hot tub is always broke during the winter time. maybe to save money? The street lights don't work at night. Maybe to save money. Cars are broke into every week and people are getting robbed. Oh ask them for the number to call who owns the place. ha they will tell you they don't have it.. oh by the way . walk by the main office in a window there's a fan that stays… See More>
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                                            Resident 2009 - 2010



                                            Actually really enjoyed my apt. Its sexy, love the size and my vaulted cieling and the patio. Sun shines in my house in the A.M. my only problem is i can tell some work was done in my kitchen and bathroom so everything slopes sort of. The occasional Palmetto bug in the summer but pre-treating around my doors on the outside stopped that immediately. Only reason im moving is my rent jumped so much from 529-569 with a 10% late fee, i can no longer afford my lil slice of luxury.

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                                              Resident 2009


                                              I would recommend it!

                                              This place really is a nice area to live.. the management is always helpful with any problems.. and honestly the only thing I miss from our old place is the carpet.. yes we had super carpet and now we have not supercarpet.... Otherwise the people here are very friendly and we love it here. The pool is always a place to have fun and the whole p[lace is nice to take your dog for walks..

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                                                Resident 2007 - 2009


                                                Great Place!

                                                I do not believe the other reviews that horrible things have happened here, I think they made them up. My husband & I have lived here for a year & a half and we love it. We have a nice place to walk our dog, it's quite. The managment always helps & if you have a problem with anything they take care of it. Don't listen to those other reviews.

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                                                  Resident 2004 - 2008



                                                  After reading some of the comments i am shocked. I have lived here for 4 years, and have never had any problem with either the office staff or the maintenance staff. Any time i have asked for maintenance, they have been right there (in fact one time they beat me to the front door). Generally the buildings are built well, and have just been painted on the outside to freshen them up. The garden areas are also generally well kept. At the minute there is a lot of roadwork outside, but that is of no fault of the apartments and will be done soon. I have never had my car broken into, or seen any of the so called "problems with drugs". At times, the neighbours above us can be a little noisy, and sound does travel well from upstairs (a thump thump of the people walking around), however it hasn't been a major problem that any other apartment complex wouldn't have. The major problem i have is with the parking- if you work late hours, you end up having to park miles away, whereas people with 2-3 cars/work vehicles per apartment all park close by. The y were very nice… See More>

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Clothes Care Center
                                                    • Washer/Dryer Connections
                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Pet Limit: 2. Comments: $300 non-refundable fee for any your first pet. $200 non-refundable fee for your second pet. NO monthly pet rent.
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                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Pet Limit: 2. Comments: $300 non-refundable fee for any your first pet. $200 non-refundable fee for your second pet. NO monthly pet rent.
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                                                    • 24-Hour Fitness Center
                                                    • Air Conditioner
                                                    • Balcony or Patio
                                                    • Business Center and Media Room
                                                    • Clubhouse
                                                    • Credit Card Payments Accepted
                                                    • Fireplace
                                                    • Garbage Disposal
                                                    • Golf Simulator
                                                    • Hardwood Flooring
                                                    • Internet and Technology Cafe
                                                    • On-Site Maintenance
                                                    • On-Site Management
                                                    • Online Resident Services
                                                    • Oversized Closets
                                                    • Pet-Friendly Community
                                                    • Renovated Interiors
                                                    • Resort Style Pool
                                                    • Social Deck with Fireplace
                                                    • Spacious Sun Deck Lounge
                                                    • Stainless Steel Appliances
                                                    • Vaulted Ceilings
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                                                    The Lory of Perimeter Apartments redefines living with a stylish selection of one and two-bedroom residences and recreation spots that elevate your daily life. Mix in the well-connected location of our apartments in Augusta, GA, and you ll see why you ll love calling this place home. We re pet-friendly, too! Resort-inspired amenities, five-star services, and great attention to detail are the core qualities of our Augusta, GA, apartments. From the sparkling pool with an expansive sundeck lounge ideal for sunny days to a social deck with a fireplace to enjoy at night, you ll love relaxing on our grounds. The internet and technology cafe will boost your energy so you can pump some iron in the gym, while the golf simulator is there to help you wind down after working at the business center. What s more, our community has treats in the office and waste stations throughout for your furry friends, as well as a clothing care center, plus an on-site management and maintenance team. Your new home greets you with renovated interiors, vaulted ceilings, and trendy features. The oversized closets help you better organize your belongings, the stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen bring out your inner chef, and the air conditioning system maintains a perfect temperature. Besides, each of our luxury apartments in Augusta, GA, displays patios/balconies, hardwood floors, and fireplaces, as well as cable and washer/dryer connections. Our location is also fantastic. We are next to Perimeter Parkway and I-520, which offer convenient access to top employers like The Doctors Hospital of Augusta. Equally close, you ll find parks like Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, shops, and restaurants like Target, Twin Peaks, Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, Old Navy, Logan s, and Chili's Grill & Bar. Book your appointment today we can t wait to show you around!
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
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                                                    First Communities Management


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                                                    First Communities Management
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: $300 non-refundable fee for any your first pet. $200 non-refundable fee for your second pet. NO monthly pet rent.
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: $300 non-refundable fee for any your first pet. $200 non-refundable fee for your second pet. NO monthly pet rent.
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    The Lory of Perimeter

                                                    June 2024





                                                    The Lory of Perimeter is a 552 - 948 sq. ft. apartment in Augusta in zip code 30909. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths Nearby cities include Martinez, North Augusta, Evans, Hephzibah, and Clearwater.

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