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Alta Mill

1650 Anderson Mill Road

Austell, GA 30106



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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It seems like lately every day/night, I'm on a high-speed chase, running after yet another roach. I am so uncomfortable in a place that's supposed to be "home". Along with several other fees they charge every month, is the fee for pest control. I've never really understood how people can be charged EVERY month for a service, yet that service isn't automatically provided. And it doesn't seem like the rest of the property is being pest controlled either because these damn roaches are coming from somewhere. I cannot stand roaches and try my hardest to make sure there isn't food or anything that would attract them lying around… Yet, more and more frequently, I turn on a light and out of nowhere they go running… But I'm not surprised roaches are an issue. I'm surprised that I haven't seen other rodents. Often times, the dumpster is overflowing with garbage and bags are piled high on the ground in front of it. Honestly, I am really regretting renewing my lease, which leads me to my next complaint. 80+ dollars is what they wanted to raise my rent! I spoke to someone on the phone and asked how my rent can go from $932 to over a thousand dollars. Was told "yeah, your increase is one of the ones on the higher end" and told to call on Monday to speak with the manager. So pretty much, they'll jack up rent an insane amount then act like they want to work out something, while still committing highway robbery. Also, I have never seen additional fees or late fees (100+) as high as Alta Mill charges… There are also other things here and there that are irritating. The front pool has bugs & debris in it and is clearly not cleaned often enough. There's a colony of small ants that crawl around my bathroom. Also, I have cracks in the paint and poorly plastered screw holes in the wall; just shows the rushed job that was done before I moved in. Also, there was pressure washing done not long ago. The lining under my door is clearly worn because I stood on the other side of my door with a mop trying to catch all the water that was flowing in. When I first moved in, the gates were never closed for a long time. Suddenly it was but the keypad is way too far from the gate. So you would have to swipe then hurry to get in before the arm came back down. EVENTUALLY, they figured out to time it better. So unhappy here. This is the first place I lived that I can say I truly hate. Please read any 4/5 star reviews with caution.
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Hello NgO, Thank you for sharing your living experience with us. We're displeased to read that you no longer have a positive view of our community and want to get you back to believing that you live in an excellent residence. Our team takes your feedback very seriously, and we would immensely value the chance to talk to you about any unsatisfying experiences that you've had while living here. We'd like to discuss these matters in detail, and also discuss any ambiguity surrounding our billing policy and its effect on you. Please visit our office when you have some free time so that we can address the concerns mentioned in your review. You can also directly e-mail us at [email protected] if that is a better form of communication for you.

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Alta Mill

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