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Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
The property manager and her assistant are very unprofessional on all levels. There's no transparency with them at all. They are bullies to say the least. Why: when concern arise property manger and her assistant comes to your door Unannounced bamming at your door. I work from home and they are standing there discussing concerns which should be discussed in office. And please if you pay your rent online and receive confirmation and call to confirm along with you receiving confirmation and call to ensure which happen to me and accuse me of being late and a problem with my account but you are figuring this out close to the end of the month due to your negligence. And while bullying me you make it known at my door and not in office or by letter nor email that your leader my unit August 26, 2019 without me advising you. These ladies are out of compliance very unethical I've seen and experienced unprofessional people but they have set the record for their behavior, mannerism. If you you are not for the residents are desire to work with people thus is the wrong profession. You treat people the way you want to be treated. And yes my apartment is busted not new property issue but painting over rotten cabinets is not enough and no I'm not going to move to a new unit start a new lease and more rent. I'll move with my current lease and payment until my lease is up. This management staff is a piece of work to say the least please beware. The rudeness and bullying may not be evident initially ohhhh but it will reveal itself. The only reason while I'm here to allow my son to finish high school. Otherwise Ms. Taylor I would have gotten the [email protected]&# on. You will never bully me at my door ever again
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