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Madison at Forest Glen



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
From the moment I started my application process until now has been a complete nightmare! They would say they didn't receive any of my documents or money, no one answers the phone and the prices fluctuate daily despite what you were told the price would be! I was told I would move Dec. 9, but my unit wasn't ready until the 15th! When I would ask about my apartment, they kept giving me later and later dates. I finally got my lease on the 13th and went to pick up my keys only to be told I could not get my keys because the counters and carpets were not done yet. I got really angry and was put out of the front office even though I am a resident!!! They would not hear me out until 2 days later! I finally got my keys and went to the unit and EVERYTHING IN THE UNIT WAS NOT FIXED! The only thing that was "updated" were the counters to where I had to pull the paper off the counters and walls because they just finished "updating" them. My bedroom windows were shut so tight they would not open, the patio door was extremely hard to open, the screen had a big hole in it and was laying on the ground of the patio, my doors to the washer/dryer were off track, the outlets were not working, my bathroom door would not close, not to mention the A/C was broken, the tub would not drain, the drawers were poorly nailed to the base and would not open, the dish washer was filled with roaches, and etc. When I told the manager about the issues (I wrote it on the check list) she said the A/C was not a priority because it was not "A/C" season. It took them from December to March to fix all the things wrong with my unit, that should have been fixed from jump. Not to add on my electricity would not work in February or march due to them having an electrical issue that was not relayed to me and was only in my apartment. the electrician came out without my notice and rewired my apartment and made the lights, a/c, and stove not working, then came back and my stove and a/c were still not working. It wasn't until I decided to go to court with them that they fixed all the request in my unit and refused to switch me to a new unit. I suggest everyone to NOT MOVE HERE!!! The prices are too high for very bad service. Front office does not care enough to answer your calls or emails unless it is about rent. Your rent changes monthly based off of added fees and charges that are not explained in your lease. You are paying for other people who did not pay their rent or trash fees.
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Madison at Forest Glen

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