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Rosewood Park



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
I moved in to these apartments in 2005 and moved out in 2006. There was mold in my childs room first and the office only wanted to wipe it off with bleach. If you look it up you will find out that bleach doesn't kill mold. Then there was mold in my bedroom closet. At this point management decided to blame it on me and say it looked like I had a wet towel against the wall. If you look it up you will learn that a wet towel will not cause mold to grow on sheet rock. After writing a letter to the corporate office and emailing it to all email addresses I could find on the website (and all the fax numbers) some one came out with a moisture meeter and found a leak from the shower that was causing the mold to grow in my closet. I also called Cobb County Code Enforcement who just so happened to show up the same day. They claimed to have fixed the leak but when we tested that theory water was still leaking. After the cut a huge hole in the wall they put an idustrial size fan in the bedroom facing the closet that had to stay on day and night for three days to dry up the wet area. Of course they didn't want to put us up in a hotel or another apartment they wanted us to suffer. So just don't do it to yourself it isn't worth it!
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Rosewood Park

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