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Sunrise Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
I've enjoy my living quarters at Sandie East, However, I'm unable to renew my lease due to my job transfer me to TX. Throughout the 2 years I've lived in Sandie East, I had expierence some problems,but it was dealt with. <br>The manager does have an attitude. Have you wonder why the manager has an attitude? Being clean and paying your rent is an essential for all tenants to MOVE FWD. on bigger better opportunities.<br>The first year I lived in my unit I never had critters until my current next door neighbor moved-in a few months ago. The apartment staff brought the pest control to resolve the problem. My question to all of you residents, if you are not keeping the basic house cleaning, neighbors leave trash outside their door, what you expect FABREEZE the critters. I'm not trying to be noisy, but if you leave your door open who want to see a clutter house. How can you avoid critters? Now I will say my neighbor is the critters best friend. How can a manager correct a problem if the you as a resident does not keep a clean environment and cause your neighbors to be invaded with critters. how can a neighbor be dissatisfied with the maintence of the property if the YOU caused the problem? <br>The manager is a strong, hard worker person. meaning she goes out her way to ensure the maintence of the property is kept. She ensure that our pool is up to code. You do not see Managers clean pools, special a female. My apartment was flooded and the manager did a great job by putting me into another apartment. Now its time for me to MOVE FWD.... To the Sandie East staff the disadvantage of me leaving your complex, I will miss complaining to you about how small my living space and lets negiotate on getting a bigger living room. I will miss you all keep up the good work. To all those tenants, spray your belongings before you move in to keep the critters away. MOVING FWD be clean and the manager wont be so mean.
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Sunrise Village Apartments

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