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Willow Creek



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
I thought the Property Manager of Willow Creek and MAAC (Mid America Apartment Community Corp.) Owners of Willow Creek Apartments are required by Georgia Law of Fair Housing Act to take precautions to protect against foreseeable criminal harm that could affect the tenants. For example, tenants who are victims of vandelism and car break-ins,home thefts and who are able to prove and provide a police report and evidence that a crime act had occured. In providing this proof to the Property Manager of Willow Creek should have taken the neccessary actions towards CRIME PREVENTION in Willow Creek for safety of tenants .We believe the crimes are due to not enough enforced police patrol and poor lighting in the apartment areas and parking areas which in our opinions was purposely negligently maintained by the Property Manager of Willow Creek. On behalf of the , the Property Manager of Willow Creek`s negligence this allows crime ample time to take advantage of doing these heinous crimes in Willow Creek constantly. <br> <br><br>My Roommates and I had confronted the Willow Creek Property Manager many times about the poor lighting after my Roommates` cars were broken into and motorcyle was stolen. We all presented police reports to show proof about the crimes that had happened to us. At this point, We cannot break our lease because its too costly for us with all the charges and fees which were presented to us by Willow Creek Property Manager. So, we have to wait until our lease is up next year in May 2006. Man that really sucks big time for us.This means that we have to continue to put up with the poor lighting and other crapp around Willow Creek Apartments until then.<br><br>So,my Roomates and I took it upon ourselves to list the Willow Creek`s Head Office Contact if anyone should need their help in the future when help isnt given from the Willow Creek Property Manager. Here is the address and phone number we found to MAAC (Mid America Apartment Community Corp.) the Owners of Willow Creek Apartments and Whisperwoods Apartments below:<br><br>Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.<br>6584 Poplar Ave., Ste. 300<br>Memphis, TN 38138 <br>http://www.maac.net<br>Phone: 901-682-6600<br>Fax: 901-682-6667<br><br>My Roommates and I honestly think that the Willow Creek Property Manager is afraid to put up better lighting with stronger watts arround Willow Creek Aparatment area and Willow Creek parking area and to enforce police protection for the tenants of Willow Creek. I thought everyone is entitled to a livable, safe, and sanitary apartment by Georgia Law Fair Housing Act. Until then, my Roomates and I are stucked here and it really sucks until May of next year we will make the best of it even though its sucks.<br><br>No, my Roommates and I do not recommend Willow Creek because the Willow Creek Property Manager is too afraid to help the tenants with police protection and better lighting in Willow Creek. <br><br><br><br><br><br>
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Willow Creek

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