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Parkway Grand

100 Woodberry Place, Decatur, GA 30034
(95 Reviews)
$1,099 - $4,617/mo

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Resident 2024


STAY AWAY! Do not rent here !!

They caused delays that almost had me living in a hotel room. Cost to rent was not the same as was reported initially. Holes in fence, gate not working. Broken glass and trash all over behind the buildings. Work orders regularly get ignored, there are appliances that don't work or are damaged to the point of being dangerous. They rarely answer the phone and NEVER return calls. Trash in the trees that has been here since day 1. Not safe. Items were stolen from my apartment on the very first day. Then someone tried to break into my apartment on day 3 - and I never heard back from the staff after reporting it. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this property as you can!

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    Resident 2021 - 2023


    Lack of communication and empathy

    On 11/17 I woke up to my hot water tank busted and flooded my apartment with 1 1/2 - 2 inches of water throughout. I’ve recently complained about the air conditioning and hot water tank, being outdated. I have photos of damage. I was advised by management , that me and the other neighbor that lived below me would have to pay for our own shelter (even though this wasn’t our fault. They couldn’t do anything to compensate the fact that this would be out of pocket, until renters insurance would reimburse. Well I didn’t and still don’t have it. I was told to go Uber, to pay for a roof temporarily over my head! I don’t have any family here, so I had no where to go! No empathy for us at all! As of today, my padding and carpet hasn’t been replaced! Now it’s been over a week. I had to move back in after, they took the machines out of my apartment. I had no where else to go, and it’s still moisture in here, which may be causing health issues. Ive complained to corporate and no call back yet. The management advised it was out of… See More>


      Parkway Grand
      Hi there. The upkeep of our homes and the satisfaction of our residents are top priorities for our team. We regret if you feel that this has not been more evident in your experience, but we would like to help make your time here more enjoyable moving forward. Please feel free to contact our office once more to discuss your situation with us further. Thank you.
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      prospectiveVisited 2022


      Very clean and nicely kept community

      Hello I recently visited this community and I am considering renting an apartment. I drove the property and it is very well kept and clean. When I went into the office everyone greeted me right away. The manager actually came out of her office and assisted me since the other 2 workers were already helping someone else. I expected her to tell me to have a seat and someone would be with me as soon as they can. But no, she provided me information and showed me a model unit. I am skeptical and insisted on seeing another apartment that was not a model cause you know they always look good. To my surprise the apartment I was shown looked better than the model. I may have to take a second look at this community. The bad negative reviews appear to be old. I will visit one more time before making my decision but so far I am putting this one at the top of my list.

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        prospectiveVisited 2021


        I applied for these apartments in July of 2021 for a 3 bedroom that would be ready by august 7, 2021. After paying the fees and running into trouble with my co applicant, he had to complete a paper app and pay his money by money order. After 2 weeks, there was still no decision with our application status. As of august 4, 2021, we learned the application was never even processed which was ridiculous. We asked for our money back that same day. My co applicant received his same money orders that were never processed and i had to wait for the Check to be mailed to me for my portion. This unprofessional staff has yet to provide my refund. Will not answer emails or calls. Did respond to a few emails advising to provide a forwarding address to send my check. I forwarded my address on august 16 and received other mail that was sent to my previous address but no check from this apartment. The staff is slow, unprofessional and will not give me my money.



          Parkway Grand
          I have checked the status and the check was mailed out. I noticed that you did state that you had your mail forward from a previous address. Please keep in mind that the USPS is experiencing delays with mail, and this may be the case with your check. Please reach out to your local USPS office and they may be able to assist with a better date for delivery.Thank you,
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          Resident 2018 - 2021


          I had several issues like bad security due to the gate was always broken, but I have to admit the new management is keeping the gate in good shape, and sometimes there is a security guard in the stand. Never seen that before. The breezeways and steps were usually nasty, but better. I just don’t like the dog poop that is still on the steps. The tenants will not pick up their dog poops off the grass, walkway or stairs. It’s gross. The apartments are really not that bad, but you do have the cheap kitchen appliances, and cheap door blinds that dry rotted. The main issues is the rent going up so high, but I hear it’s the fair market value. I think that the new management is doing a better job, because trash used to be everywhere, grass, walkways, breezeways, stairs and parking lot. Poop is still everywhere. Gate broken all the time. I know that I gave the girl at the front office a hard time yesterday, but really they are doing better than the others. Can’t give them an A, but definitely a great improvement. The only reason that I would not recommend this apartment is… See More>


            Parkway Grand
            Thank you! We always encourage feedback from our residents and your feedback is especially nice! We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to review Parkway Grand and will do our very best to keep you happy! Should you need anything, please feel free to contact us. 770.987.7695.
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            Resident 2021


            I recently visited this apartment complex and was assisted by Desmond. He is very helpful and definitely will go out of his was help you get the place you want. I definitely recommend talking to him if you are looking for new place to live. He is very knowledgable and apartment is perfect for me. He was also very timely in getting everything done within the deadline that I requested for my move in. Please go and visit Parkway Grand you will not be disappointed especially if you are dealing with Desmond! Thanks again for your help!



              Parkway Grand
              Thank you so much for your kind words. Resident satisfaction is very important to us so your review made our day!!! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you continue to enjoy your home. 770.987.8830
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              Resident 2017 - 2019


              This location was chosen for its advertisement of a safe, gated and hospitable service. Over the last year, the maintenace and service has been very poor. You can can get anyone to answer the telephone nor return your calls. They misrepresent information I am prepared now to file a compliant with the court. I will upload a video of what is advertised as gated and under surveillance, not so. my son has been a tenant for 20 months -recently my son truck was towed, no notice, we reported it as stolen., contacted the apartment emergency line and no one informed him of this TOWE- We ledt six telephone messages for the property manager - I made three visit to the apartment office all to no avail. The fouth time, a person told me she was out, when I informed him of my concern, he quickly said- " I will see if she can speak with you", I spoke with her and she claim no knowledge of the concern. Two hours later she report " maybe it was towed, she will check. This manager has no knowledge of what is happening on her property- that is a BIG concern. The gate… See More>
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                Resident 2018


                Do NOT consider moving here! Take it from someone who currently resides there & have been there for 3 years. The front gate is hardly ever operable. The leasing office never answers the phone. Management is unprofessional. You won't get any help if you contact the management company's corporate office. I've been dealing with an AC issue for over a year, which still hasn't been fixed. I have about 10+ service requests for said issue. There's 1 maintenance man being held responsible for addressing issues in a complex with 300+ units. The walkways in EVERY building are filthy. They bill you for valet service - $25/month - & the collectors show up on their own time. They have courtesy officers on site who don't patrol the complex. They just sit & wait for a call. Don't expect an answer when you call. I could go on all day about this place. The best thing that happened to them was Amber - one of the office associates. I'm waiting impatiently for my lease to end!!!

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                  Resident 393755

                  Verified Resident 2017


                  So far the experience is five stars. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The apartment is spacious with new carpets. I've only been here for one week so I don't have any complaints. Amber was very hands on she walked me through every detail needed for the move in. Great customer service.

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                    Resident 390312

                    Verified Resident 2017


                    Excelente el trato recibido por parte del personal de oficina, el lugar muy limpio en general. El apartamento muy limpio y pintado. La zona escolar se encuentra cerca, transporte publico bastante cerca. Recomiendo que visiten este complejo residencial.

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                      Resident 383814

                      Verified Resident 2017


                      We're been here for only 3 weeks. The apartment itself is beautiful and spacious. The only problem so far is the maintenance. We were informed that there is only one maintenance man on staff. Because of this, we had to wait 9 hours (with about 4 call in between) to get our Fridge that was completely dead, replaced. Now we're dealing with an AC that's not working. We've put in a few requests and it's still a problem. Let's just say it's HOT in Atlanta!

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                        Resident 383031

                        Verified Resident 2011 - 2017


                        Management was super supportive at first of making sure the grounds and the tenants were clean in a safe environment. The property needs work as the grounds being kept up. Rental rates do not give you the satisfaction of the living area.

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                          Resident 380442

                          Verified Resident 2015 - 2017


                          The grounds are nice, the apartments themselves are nice. The place has been safe so far and the other tennants are fine people. The managemant people are nice too but the company who owns the buildings so much. They will put tape and or glue on everything as long as they can until they have no choice but to replace it. The matainence people apear to have the last word on what gets fixed and what doesn't. That said, I don't own here I just rent. If I don't like it I can go and buy a house of my own. apartments have limits here it seems to be company profits. It's something else at other places. I can live here until I get myself in position to buy another house then I'm gone.

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                            Resident 380304

                            Verified Resident 2015 - 2017


                            I would not recommend this apartment complex. It is very noisy. The fire Alarms not working right. There are holes in Fence around the perimeter. They have people blocking handicapped parking. The handicapped parking spaces are very small

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                              prospectiveVisited 2017


                              Went to visit after calling on the phone and dealing with a bad attitude not sure what her name was. I thought to myself maybe they are having a bad day. Approached the complex cause gate was open and rode through there were 2 dumpsters full of disgusting trash I started speaking to residents at the mailbox who stated the trash had been out there for days and did joy recommend the property so I didn't bother going in.

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                                Resident 376994

                                Verified Resident 2017


                                I currently live in Parkway Grand for a couple months now. I must say that I do enjoy staying here the office staff is very professional Ambra and Treddy I think that's how you spell her name, sorry if I spelled it incorrectly, but they are both great. Maintenance is good they keep the grounds very clean. I do not have any problems with my neighbors. My apartment is great. The only negative is the "APPLIANCE" meaning stove, dishwasher, refrigerator is extremely old I was very surprised especially because I have friend's that live in older apartments that pays way less in rent than I do and they have black appliance. In addition, for the amount of money that I pay for rent all most (1000) a month I would think that they would have newer appliance. It is not even the white appliance it is the old black and cream appliance I have not seen those appliance in yearssssssssss. Very disappointing and cheap!

                                  Review Author Icon

                                  Resident 372857

                                  Verified Resident 2016 - 2017


                                  No issues so far in terms of safety. I moved into this community because of the amenities, however the fitness center is closed as well as the car wash. Also the cleanliness of the community can improve.

                                    Review Author Icon

                                    Resident 369452

                                    Verified Resident 2016 - 2017


                                    Overall it's a decent place to live if they continue to bring in wholesome neighbors. Previously I had a problem with one of my neighbors missing to hours of service for valet trash so he would drop his trash in front of my door causing me to receive warnings and fines from the office for trash violations. Also the maintenance team never communicate when they plan to come a fix something therefore setting of home alarms. So it can be good place to live minus trouble neighbors and maintenance crew. Everyone should communicate more and background check on future residents

                                      Review Author Icon

                                      Resident 368624

                                      Verified Resident 2016 - 2017


                                      Rent is appropriate for working class, busy and self sustaining people. The noise from the apartment complex down the hill is loud and unreasonable. There is a dog that barks all hours of the day and night, they play their music loud and there have been loud arguments. Perhaps our management can speak to their management for a resolution of the noise down there.

                                        Review Author Icon


                                        Resident 2017


                                        I'm know witnessing grown adults grinding and humping on each other while barbecuing, blasting music, drinking and smoking weed ,while security is at other end of pool on his phone. I'm so embarrassed by these apartments and the ratchet behaviour of the residents. The children that live here are disrespectful and their parents allow it. DON'T MOVE HERE. I can't wait to leave.....

                                          Review Author Icon

                                          Resident 365169

                                          Verified Resident 2015 - 2017


                                          It's okay, but some of the residents need to respect the property. Inspection of air conditioner and heater needs to be cleaned more often, not maintained as it should be. Trash in hallways and parking area

                                            Review Author Icon

                                            Resident 358102

                                            Verified Resident 2017


                                            My roommate & I was excited to move there so we came in to turn in our paper work & we were informed that we will get a call back. Once we got a call back we were told that my roommate needed proof of income since she worked at a salon & she also needed proof of residency from where she previously stayed, so Amber faxed & emailed what needed to be filled out for both my roommates job & previous residence. Amber said that she will give us a call once she's gotten everything in the system. So the next day came & either of us has gotten a call so I decided to go in & talk to Amber face to face, once I was there she told me that she did not receive anything?long story short we were getting the run around, our move in date was 05/31/2017 but we did not move in until 06/02/2017 I just wish the office was more professional, there was also many little things in the apartment that needs fixing but has not been & we've been here for a week now.

                                              Review Author Icon

                                              Resident 358101

                                              Verified Resident 2016 - 2017


                                              I am dissatisfied with the service request being fullfilled promptly and properly the first time. I have put several service requests in for the same issues since November!! The request are still not fixed properly. The refrigerator is still leaking and I have put in 3/4 request for it. The air Conditioner has been broken (not getting cold) since November. I have put in over 6-8 requests and the air is still broken to date.

                                                Review Author Icon

                                                Resident 358100

                                                Verified Resident 2017


                                                So far I have had a great experience with the community. The office always there to answer my questions. I just dont care for the valet trash cause I dont use it. Other than that great property and well kept.

                                                  Review Author Icon

                                                  Resident 358098

                                                  Verified Resident 2010 - 2017


                                                  Its very quiet, peaceful,clean i love my apartment complex its close to many storea and restaurants. The neighbor's are very nice, the office staff are very professional. I love the valey trash pickup

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 808 sq. ft.

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 810 sq. ft.

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                                                    2 Bedrooms


                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths | 1,165 sq. ft.

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Laundry On-Site
                                                    • Washer/Dryer Connections
                                                    • Garage
                                                    • Off Street Parking Available
                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Fee: $250. Rent: $15. Restrictions: Breed Restriction Apply. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: One-Time Pet Fees and Pet Rents are Per Pet
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                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Fee: $250. Rent: $15. Restrictions: Breed Restriction Apply. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: One-Time Pet Fees and Pet Rents are Per Pet
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                                                    • 24-Hour Management Availability
                                                    • Additional Storage
                                                    • Air Conditioner
                                                    • BBQ and Picnic Area
                                                    • Black Appliances
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                                                    • Coffee Bar and Cyber Cafe
                                                    • Credit Card Payments Accepted
                                                    • Digital Thermostats
                                                    • DishWasher
                                                    • Disposal
                                                    • Energy and Water Efficient Appliances
                                                    • Fireplace
                                                    • Fitness Center
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                                                    • Pet-Friendly Community
                                                    • Playground
                                                    • Pool
                                                    • Private Balcony/Patio
                                                    • Public Transportation
                                                    • Recycling Program
                                                    • Refrigerator
                                                    • Resident Car Care Center
                                                    • Short Term Lease Available
                                                    • Sundeck
                                                    • Tennis Court
                                                    • Valet Trash Service
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                                                    • Wheelchair Access Available
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                                                    Welcome to Parkway Grand, a residential community featuring one, two and three bedroom apartments in Decatur, GA. Spacious layouts and amenities welcome you home, along with exceptional service and an ideal location within walking distance to shopping, dining and entertainment options. Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Decatur, GA? Contact our friendly, professional office staff to schedule a tour today.
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
                                                    This community is managed by

                                                    Cushman & Wakefield


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                                                    Based on 95 number of votes by renters, Parkway Grand is currently rated 3 out of 5 stars.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 1.5/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered poor. The grounds are in a state of disrepair and need immediate attention.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 1.5/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered poor. The maintenance team is unresponsive and ineffective in addressing issues.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 1.5/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered poor. The noise level is consistently loud and disruptive, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 1.5/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered poor. The complex is very unsafe and poses serious risks to residents.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 2/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered poor. The complex is located in a very undesirable and unsafe neighborhood with limited or no access to local attractions and services.
                                                    Parkway Grand is rated 1.5/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered poor. The staff is unresponsive and unhelpful, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                                    Managers have responded to 50% of their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Managers have replied within 47.5 days to their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Cushman & Wakefield
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Fee: $250
                                                    Rent: $15
                                                    Restrictions: Breed Restriction Apply
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: One-Time Pet Fees and Pet Rents are Per Pet
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Fee: $250
                                                    Rent: $15
                                                    Restrictions: Breed Restriction Apply
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Comments: One-Time Pet Fees and Pet Rents are Per Pet
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    Apply within 24 hours of touring and move in by 07/31/24 to receive 1/2 off August's rent! *Terms and Conditions apply* 12-month and 13-month lease terms.

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                                                    Parkway Grand

                                                    July 2024





                                                    Parkway Grand is a 808 - 1,520 sq. ft. apartment in Decatur in zip code 30034. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,099 - $4,617. Nearby cities include Avondale Estates, Clarkston, Stone Mountain, Conley, and Ellenwood.

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