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Presidents Park Apartments



Resident · 2019
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I am an Emory graduate student, and I just moved to President's Park. Prior to this, I lived in Campus Crossings for a year. When I was initially searching for a place to live in Atlanta, it was portrayed as if President's Park and Campus Crossings are sister properties. Additionally when logging into Resident Portal, both facilities have the same log in credentials. It is however not clear how both facilities function together. When I vacated my apartment over the summer at Campus Crossings, they charged me a $250 penalty for turning in my keys past the 12 P.M. deadline. I communicated with them earlier that day if I could get an extension by a few hours because my dad would be here and that he was stuck in traffic driving from another state. I told them we would be able to move out before the office closed at 5 PM, but the staff told me I would be charged for anything after 12 PM with a penalty fee of $250 regardless. My mom also called and requested that we not be penalized as my dad was almost there. However, management refused to budge AT ALL and went strictly by the rules. We had no choice but to pay the fee. Today, we are on the other side of the situation at President's Park. I signed my lease on August 19th to live in President's Park, and I submitted the inspection report on August 20th as required by the management. I expected the apartment to be fully functional so that I could live a normal life when I moved in. However to my surprise, the dishwasher was not functional when I moved in, and the bathtub drained water very slowly which got worse over the three weeks up to this Sunday. These two have been stated in the inspection report on August 20th, but no action of any sort was taken for three weeks until my my mom angrily contacted management. The point here to note is that they are very quick about charging late fees, but they do not attend to new tenant inspection reports quickly at all. They do not give an estimated timeline of when the work order will be finished. When my mother called to explain the conditions, they said that the dishwasher "is not an emergency" and the bathtub clogging is also "not an emergency." With both dishwasher and bathtub not working, the management still considers the apartment fully functional. Prior to this, my mom also emailed management to express concern over the inconveniences. We recently discovered the smoke detector was missing in the apartment, which is mandatory by state law. My mom, who happens to share the apartment with me, was also falsely accused with a delinquency notice when she paid the rent in full. When my mom showed the documents of the rental payments, they apologized quickly. When called for rent credit because we were not pleased with the living situation for three weeks, management said they do not give any credit nor do they allow us to break the lease. Upon repeated calls and emails, they finally let my mom talk to the supervisor who also is the supervisor for Campus Crossings. Now I am on the other side of the situation with President's Park who has the same management as Campus Crossings, apologizing for their delay but not giving us the credit that we requested nor the permission to break the lease. After a great length of discussion, the management at Campus Crossings offered $100 credit of what they consider as a kind one-time courtesy concession to our account, which does not cover the amount we requested. The last conversation that my mom had with Campus Crossings the management was very rude to her by hanging up the phone while she was still talking. No order should take three weeks to attend especially when it is as important as taking showers or as dangerous as not having a smoke detectors. I am sharing my experience here so that it can be helpful to any prospective tenants.
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