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Autumn Vista Apartments

1500 Boggs Road

Duluth, GA 30096



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sandraktreadway • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
January 22, 2007<br><br><br><br>Ms. Elaine Gardner <br>Eagle Realty Group<br>Orlando, Florida <br>Fax Number: 407-654-4753 <br><br>RE: Autumn Village Apartments Resident<br> Unit 513 <br> <br>Dear Ms. Gardner:<br><br>Currently, I am a two month tenured resident of your property located in Duluth, Georgia, named Autumn Village Apartments located at 1500 Boggs Road, Duluth, Georgia, 30096. I am writing you today regarding tenant (resident)/staff concerns.<br><br>Initially upon moving in, I was unable to use the visitors security gate due to lack of my number being put into the security system database (per your leasing agent). Initially I was very affable in my deposition in reporting this matter. On SEVERAL occasions of contacting your office, I was told the matter would be corrected. Unfortunately, it was not. The inconvenience meant one weekend of having to walk (without my vehicle at this time due to auto trouble) to the gate from the back of the complex on at least three occasions to let visitors in, including pizza deliveries, etc. As dismayed as I was, I did not go in the office over this weekend for fear that I would be less than convivial due to my level of frustration at this point! <br><br>I reported the problem (again) on Monday over the phone, as I personally do not care to enter any leasing office. I learned the matter was more complex than database entry and was thanked by the manager for advising the problem. It was discovered to be a problem requiring technical service to the gate. The readiness of repair was prompt and efficient. Upon repair and entry of my number into the system, I discovered I was unaware of how to properly allow entry (as it differed from three other security systems I was more familiar with). Rather than enter 9 from my phone, your system required 99. To ensure proper function and confirm my understanding, I telephoned your office and asked your agent to input my number and verify it was operating properly. <br><br><br>I spend approximately 35%-40% of my resident stay in my apartment, otherwise residing elsewhere. On moving in, there were other maintenance matters of concern with the property, however, I did not immediately report them. I reported these issues after two months of residency including water pressure problems in the apartment. Maintenance responded to work orders on two occasions and the problem was not repaired. Coupled with this first incident of several calls to resolve a problem, I was dismayed, and it was very apparent in my recorded communication on your office voicemail on Thursday, January 18th. It seemed ridiculous to have to contend with several calls to resolve any maintenance issues. <br><br>I telephoned your office at 5:55PM and was forwarded to the voicemail. I left a message that clearly exhibited my frustration of having to make several calls. Upon hanging up, I learned your office closed at 6:00PM and because I preferred to speak with someone I called back and spoke with MiKeisha. <br><br>I began to delineate my concern in an obvious angered voice tone (not profane words) and was upset by her interruption of my explanation, as it was a clear indication that she was not listening to me (which was my overall problem, that is not being heard by your staff). I advised her that I was still talking!!!!!! She stated someone would be out, and in fact in approximately an hour someone did visit my apartment. I was unaware it would be so soon, as I was preparing to leave for the evening with my daughters. <br><br>I discussed at length my concern, which primarily was low water pressure. The technician advised me that while the pressure was not up to standard, it was working, referencing the kitchen sink sprayer. I told him, while I appreciated that, my request is for it to work up to standard much in the same fashion as I would a disabled vehicle just being started to run versus operating properly. He told me he understood that. He left the resident aware of the specific problem. <br><br>On the following day, Friday, January 19th, your maintenance supervisor visited. My daughter telephoned me and we spoke during his visit. Upon returning home, I discovered to my shocking surprise the problem was not resolved, and appeared to have not been addressed. Immediately, I telephoned your office and requested a walk through visit by your manager.<br><br>This request was honored today, after I telephoned your office. I was told maintenance did not understand my explanation of the problem (after the visit Thursday and phone conversation Friday) that it was a water pressure concern and not a leak, as I described the water as seeping out of the receptacle. <br><br>More importantly, during this visit, the manager, I think she identified herself as Mary, stated she wanted to meet with me regarding her learning of my profane conduct in addressing your leasing agent, a matter I can certainly understand, if it were true. I was upset at the false accusation that cannot be proved!!!! I, again, requested immediate addressing of this accusation against myself. <br><br>I met MiKeisha in person for the first time and allowed her to speak. Her conversation was largely one of self assessed conclusive content that outlined her over sensitive immaturity. An upset customer should be heard to understand rather than internalize their disposition, as it may be justified, in an effort to fix the problem, so long as no illegal harm or threat of such is communicated. It appears when I have phoned your office, Ive spoken with her. She went so far as to describe her relationship with her mother in our meeting and compared our tenant/customer - staff relationship, stating I am her mother's age--I supposed viewing my file as she did not process my application). I didnt then and still dont get the relevance, as I see business as business--nothing more or less. She clarified one accusation by your manager that I categorized my maintenance concern on Thursday as an emergency, which was not true. Again, not staying there a lot of nights, I dont think I would ever be in need of that benefit. A second statement by your manager in our telephone conversation on Friday morning and today was verified by her testimony of my having to call your office several times to resolve problems. Your manager advised this has not been documented by whatever protocol or procedure you normally require. My desire is that requests are repaired in a reasonable amount of time and NOT REQUIRING MORE THAN ONE TELEPHONE CALL. With this misrepresentation verified, it would stand to reason that possibly further misrepresentation or exaggeration existed, as I believe she is less than happy with the fact that I expressed my dismay which I believe under the circumstances were valid having to make repeated calls and attempts to resolve minor problems. <br><br>The demeanor of the manager seemed to be one very influenced and convinced of my guilt prior to our meeting in stating what she'd been told, (displaying very limited, if any objectiveness) and during the meeting with obvious display of her temper. As my 16 year old cleaned her room, which I made very obvious by my comment to her immediately upon our entering my apartment for a walk through to delineate problems, the manager stated there was a housekeeping problem. My daughter was sorting her dirty clothes in her bedroom floor and the washer could be heard as we were standing in the front of the laundry room, where I'd pointed out I'd like a shelf to be installed. It appeared she wanted to find faults with me as I complained about staff management's performance. Be that as it may, the bottom line in my opinion is that I live up to the jurisdiction of my signed lease and those conditions of responsibility are reasonably met by you, the Lessor. At which point there are violations to the extent of warranting action, we are both within our rights to proceed with action as deemed and so outlined. Immature personal feelings are not covered under the provisions of the legal lease document for either of our benefit. <br><br>It is my position having experienced being lied on and exaggerated against (as some cannot be proved, but the emergency status claim was proved) that I WILL NOT deal with MiKeisha from this point forward should any future concerns exist, as she s not the only option to utilize as a point of contact. I dont know if you offer email or online contact, as some complexes do, however, to whatever extent it becomes necessary, I will communicate my resident concerns around her to alleviate future misrepresentation or exaggeration and occurrences of this nature. I will expect that to the extent you are able to exercise disciplinary action toward me as a resident, should it become necessary, it will be done so to the extent that your lease allows, and my preference is in writing or a formal means of documentation. <br><br>Please contact me on my cell phone at *** *** 4400. I'd be interested in speaking with you. Thanking you in advance for your consideration in this matter.<br><br>Sandra Ware<br>ADDENDUM TO THIS LETTER POSTED ON APARTMENTS RATINGS AS FOLLOWS:<br><br>At this time, the kitchen sink sprayer is still not usable with enough water force to rinse dishes. The water seeps out. <br><br>I discovered last night while cooking that the front burner on the right of the stove does not work.<br><br>The kitchen pantry shelves for food is not sturdy with several pieces broken, thus the shelves are warped are leaning with food on the shelves.<br><br>The rapport at the office right now is not such that I think it's good that I communicate this as I don't know how or if it will be dealt with.<br><br>Please advise.<br><br>
Autumn Vista Apartments Manager10/10/2018

We are sorry to hear that your experience has not been 5 stars. Please feel free to contact the office. Thank you.

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