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Aylesbury Farms



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sharprenter • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
I have been here for about 6 months. I work at Johns Creek Technology park and hence decided to move in here because of the proximity.<br><br><b>First Impression</b><br>My very fast experience turned out to be pretty sour. The apartment only allows move-in inspection with the apartment staff. I had a fairly big list of about 15 items to be fixed. The people responsible for the fixing come for a day and never afterwards. So I was left with dirty windows and rusted bathroom mirror holder among a host of other areas which where dusty.<br><br><b>Free Internet connection (Yhea right)</b><br>Well if you look at the list of amenities you will see free Internet connection. Yup the internet connection is free, strong and available if you can take your laptop to the base of the radio antennae near the dumpster. But the connection does not reach my apartment (and many others who live in terrace level as well) and I have complained in vain. I have heard from other apartment dwellers that they have complained several times and the staff kept telling that the Internet services company is about to fix it. But now the staff sings a different tune <i>the Internet connection is available, but we dont guarantee it for every house</i>.<br><br><b>Staff</b><br>The staff is very sweet when you come looking for the apartment. Once you sign on the dotted line, they are rude and dont really care. My bathroom had/has leaks and mould; every time I complain they do some quick fix. But the problem shows up again after a few days.<br><br><b>Surroundings</b><br>The apartments are so densely packed that there are hardly trees or spaces in between. The number of parking places is less too. If you like parking your car a few apartment complexes away from yours and walking back to your home, then you will get ample opportunities to do so in Aylesbury on weekends. There is a small patch of green/trees and a board walk between them, behind the apartments - with a open drainage flowing between them. Smelly stagnant water, and mosquitoes if is your thing then you have found a place to be one with the nature. They hardly take care of the lawn (it is brown and dry) and neither spends on planting seasonal flowers. The volleyball court has a huge hole and I am sure it is dangerous for kids to play. The car wash has vacuum that hardly sucks (but the staff do) but makes tremendous amount of noise. Gated apartment is a misnomer as people can come and go from the opening near the second gate with out any access cards. The main gate is under repairs most of the time as well.<br><br><b>The GYM</b> <br>The gym is one of the best and I find this the only positive amenity and I heard it is a newly added feature (rather upgraded from a small one). The gym is huge and very spacious and has adequate equipment.<br><br><b>Conclusion</b><br>I belive the people are staying in this apartment only because of the proximity to a popular school. Otherwise this is a crappy place to live and not worth the price tag.<br>
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Aylesbury Farms

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