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Grande Club

3740 Club Drive

Duluth, GA 30096



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
Im still living in this hell hole, but am in the process of breaking the lease. The staff is nothing short of worthless. The maintenance man is an absolute dipsh*t who likes to sit outside my apartment and rev the engine in his v6 musting, instead of actually not being a waste of life... The "Community Manager" is a bitter hag who has nothing better to make the life of any resident under 25 a living hell. Also, the guy on here who was talking about not hearing your neighbors is on crack, as I type this at 2:12am I can still hear the 40 people living in the 2br apartment above me, which management refuses to do anything about. Oh and gated community? What a total complete joke, I'd say the gate is actually not busted wide open a mere 1-2 weeks a month. Security my white ---... People drive through blaring their stereos and revving their engines at all hours of the night, setting off the 20 cheaply installed alarms in the cars that belong to our friends from south of the border. The bottom line is, unless your ready to move into a very uh... ethnic... area with an absurd amount of noise, and an apartment staff that realy doesnt give a damn, this is the place for you.
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Grande Club

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