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The Foundry Duluth

3350 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

Duluth, GA 30096



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
These apartements have been known to be called the "getho of Duluth". I have been here for Three years. When we first moved in it was a very nice place, but then after the first six months we noticed that things were starting to change. Now, things are worst then ever. There are no tennis nets in the tennis courts there are no lights around the tennis courts, the garbage is always overflowing. Kids rome around destroying everything that they can get there hands on. Signs have been destroyed, the playground has been destroyed, the fences have been destoyed, I have never used the pool (don't trust how clean it is). I just had several items stoolen off my pourch. (We have to change our grill to the pourch.) At night groups of guys walk around the neighborhood so if you are coming home at night and you are women by yourself, it can make you feel quit uncomfortable. Cats are a big problem there.... Stray cats are everywhere!!!! People do not clean up behind there pets. Parents let their children rome the neighborhood unsupervised and they have been caught braking open the mail boxes. Garbage is everywhere, Newspapers are flying around the streets. I do not feel safe living there anymore. I like the office people they seem nice. If you have a maintance problem the quickest way to get it fix is to say "this will cause a fire and you will be held responsible if you do not fix the problem!!!!" Trust me people come running when you say that!!!
The Foundry Duluth Manager12/06/2016

We are sorry to hear about your previous experience. We are now under new management and ownership and the community has been going through major renovations on both the interior and exterior. Please feel free to stop by anytime for a tour of our community. We will knock your socks off! Discovery at River Bend Management Team

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The Foundry Duluth

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