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The Maddox

4370 Satellite Boulevard

Duluth, GA 30096



Resident · 2016 - 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If I could give -0 stars I would. I have been living here since 2016, have not had any problems not even with the front office. Management changed about 2 years ago and there has been problems every sense. I experienced a pipe break in my house July 2019 I was left like this for 6 days because Mario the community director did not respond to the emergency after his vacation for his birthday. He would not change my carpet and and we are dealing with the consequences as of today. He did not completely change the carpet and underneath in the living and bedroom as well after the water break out. He was very sarcastic and told me he was not changing the carpet unless I paid for it, he is very rude he does not care about anybody but money, when he save the complex money he gets a bonus check. I told him last year that the smell of mold is in my home. He never responded to the email and it has been over a year. My house smells during the rain and overall sometimes. I got a diagnostic done this year and proved that mold is in my home. I have it in writing that they are not going to do anything about the mold, but will change the carpet if I sign something saying I will run my air which is against the law to try to influence me to sign such a letter. Apartments are suppose to be a habital place to live. They tried to threaten to terminate my lease due to the mold and claiming I don't run my air ehen I do run my air. The mold is due to the water damage and consistently covering it up. Management needs to be changed because many have left because of Mario because they don't like how he does things, he throws liquor parties and let certain people stay at the pool after hours disrespecting the neighbors with the noise. The results are more breaking in cars. He turned Sarah and others in the office against me and got an attorney involved so he does not have to do any hard work or discuss any of my matters and lies on the corporate office as if he is the one on my side. I have been living in this situation since last year but proven mold since June and they would not respond to me on anything about my place of living but agreed there was an issue in my house and I have to walk around with flipflips because the carpet is ruined/ moist because of the pipe break and the moisture that stays at my house even with the air on and failure to fix the problem accurately. I can't go to the office to discuss anything with them and I will be pursuing further. Think about moving here before you come because there has been many pipe breaks and water damage in these apartments and he's making it no better, these apartments have gone down. They have become very trashy and nothing is the same and Tripp Maynard in the corporate office hides everything thatMario does wrong and defends him and covers him because they are friends outside of the workplace, that is discrimination against the tenants. This will be reported in many different places. They never offered to move me to another apartment and they don't care about my health. They will answer to God and Mario States that he loves the Lord but this is what he does to the people. He is not winning like he think he is because he will answer to God for using his name in vain to me and doing the tenants wrong. They are changing management again due to lack and poor management and it has gotten worse. I speak of God because he throws God's name around in all of his conversations. After the diagnostic he sent someone to check my carpet and they ripped it up and I have been living with my carpet ripped up since June and no one has come back to fix anything. Not a habitable place to live. My clothes are in my trunk due to the mold being in my closet, I cannot enjoy my apartment that I pay for. My body stays tired. Pictures will show where they ripped the carpet up to confirm what I said and did not want to come back in to fix it when I asked Daniel to, he was hesitant. Will not allow me to upload all of the photos along with the mold photos that I have.
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The Maddox

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